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Monday, June 15, 2015

Abolish NATO.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, has no further use for NATO and it should have been disbanded at the end of the so called 'Cold War'.  The most dangerous country in the world, and main cause of the Cold War, is now trying to box in the Russian Bear. Let it be understood when we call the USA dangerous, we are not talking about the misinformed and uninformed masses of Americans, we are referring to the USA Government and Those few who secretly own and direct both parties, the Massive Arms Industries. Democracy and equality, certainly does not exist in any country, and Communism is not practiced in any country either, so equality does not exist there either. 
     The Self Government of Canada has Cancelled its membership of all Groupie Treaties , Just Us Treaties and NATO, again. 
     We are expanding our Free Trade Agreement which means we give freely and get back Happiness,  to include every child to get free, the quality food that they need to be healthy. 
     June 21st, World Buy Nothing Day, Take Back One Day, a second will come, and then a third. Happy Holiday, Finally something to celebrate! Don't miss the action.

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