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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


     Kick all the money laundries out of Greece, turn your banks and vaults into root and wine cellars. If you really think you need money to function, cancel all rents, mortgages, property payments for one year, issue temporary money, hand out equal amounts to everybody in the country, consider the value of your money equal to all others and make change for tourists. 
     That will give you plenty of time to work out details, as the rest of the world follows your fine example. Use everybody else's money which is worth the same as yours, nothing but a programmed believe, and a master of social slavery, destroying the world, to get rich. 
     Have any problems you want to get rid of, go work in the garden, where work is a joy, there you are likely to find a solution, if not, we will gladly sent over our Minister Busybody who loves sticking his nose in family affairs.
    A message from Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, at your service. 

Money's End, New Beginning.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada insists that money is now the biggest threat to the survival of life on spaceship earth. Money is the slave master of the human race. Measurement of value is virtually always done in dollars, including the value of a human being, a tree, a fish, a bulb of garlic. In the pursuit of money, we have in Canada eroded at least two thirds of our top soil off the prairies, nearly wiped out our natural forests, polluted much of our ground water, lakes and rivers, on and on. We have reached a critical point, to put it bluntly, unless we get off the thread mill of chasing after money, the human race is doomed. 
     This is a SOS CALL, to anyone and everyone, get together, work together, share what we have, and send money into the dustbin of history. This can be done collectively by individuals, enough of us must answer the call, the future of the human race is all our responsibility,  old and young, those who have much, and those who have little. 
     Want to talk? Want to listen? Where do we go from here? Louis, 604 928 3663, this week at 5090 West Saanich rd,  Victoria BC, mostly in the garden, behind the house, but can travel, working on projects in Quesnel, Harrison Hot Springs, and Stromville BC.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Joy Of Gardening.

     In BC picking a few cup fulls of wild and garden berries is a great way to start the morning.  With the heat and low humidity squashed berries in thin sheets can be dried in one day. Nothing needs to be added, even goose berry and currents can be added to sweet berries. Check out blogg 'As It Happens, dried fruit'.
    These two trays are pure raspberry.
    Goose berries.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

As It Happens, dried fruit.

     Pick berries early in the morning so the whole day can be used for drying.
     Mush berries to juice.
    Spread as thin as possible leaving no exposed tray, set tipped towards the sun. When the surface has dried, an hour or two, scrap it all up in a pile.
    Press it out again as thin as possible.
    After three or four times of letting just the surface dry out, it will be firm, lift of using your tool, and just turn it over and place on screen or rack and turn it over a few times for extra drying for long storage.
   Middle piece is today's berries, yesterday's berries are on either side, the darker piece on the right is mostly little black berries. Underneath are small dried apricots, two days in the sun, but for long storage we will give every thing one more day drying, till hard dry.  Placed in a air tight container, it will keep for years. 
     The crash of insanity is coming, be prepared. BC FEEDS BC IN SEVEN YEARS. Hot weather and ripe fruit, dry your way out of needing money, as it is headed for the compost for re-creation. Yum.

BC Sun Dried Berries.

    Due to the hot dry weather, we can easily dry our fruit and all our berries. This simple action of releasing the moisture, cools, and puts the moisture in the air. That moisture will fall somewhere, do your part, dry berries send rain, no money outlay, no excuses, won't need imported corporate herbicide mono cultured berries, chemical lifeless jams and sugar petroleum flavoured fruit juices. Think of the savings, no packaging, no refrigeration, no permits, no cooking, no sugar needed, no elected political interference, no jars, and best for transportation efficiency, great emergency food, and taste good. A joy to do. What more can you miss. 
     Picture instructions of drying fruit in one hot day AS IT HAPPENS (Title). Tomorrow berries and APRICOTS, anyone can participate, 5090 W  Saanich Rd. BC FEEDS BC IN SEVEN YEARS.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Price Of Food, Canada.

     It appears the value of food is increasing, actually, the value of food is constant, it takes the same amount of raw garlic now as it took in 1950 to get rid of political party Door Knockers. But if you have to buy the garlic, due to the shrinking value of money, you need a lot more money to buy the same amount of garlic needed to do the job. Fifty times more. So, get rid of worthless money, grow your own garlic and it costs nothing to get rid of the door knocking politicians. Just breath in their face and invite them out to the garden to help you grow more. Planting of Garlic in the fall is about the same time as elections in Canada and this may be a chance to get a coin operated politician grounded, and get one useful thing accomplished. 

Stromville Gardens.

     Stromville, once the red light district of Quartz Gold Mining Town, Wells BC, elevation 4000 feet, will now be know as Harper's Hideout. It is The Garden Party Head Office for processing all government paperwork, and for growing rhubarb on steroids. The 'steroids' part is a joke, The Garden Party is completely organic. Rhubarb has its value, sometimes you just need to flush out the whole works and start over fresh. And, we figure a rhubarb leaf would better serve Canadians on the national flag as a constant reminder, to flush out flag wavers and start over fresh.
     Plans are being made for expanding our Rhubarb crop to meet all demands.  Planting more roots will take place this year. Ground preparation is under way. Things are starting to rumble, a movement is detectable, another garden may get started in Quesnel aera next Spring. 
    Apricot on leaf.

    All relevant paperwork done here.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Wanted: Alberta Farm

     For Members of the Conservative Party that lose their seats. We would set up a special spot for Harper to go if any dangerous critters show up, for Spring would be good.

Politics in Canada

   Federal Parties are kicking off their campaign. 
   Liberal Party vehicle needs a little TLC to get going again after a rough last election.

     Harper's Conservative Party is looking for paddlers as regulars are jumping ship.
    New Democratic Party is Setting up Campaign Offices.
     Self Government Garden Party of Canada Headquarters is now set up for processing all campaign literature.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Quesnel Garden Growing

     The Idea is taking shape slowly. 150 acres, half bush, half fields, presently about one percent being used for agriculture. We hope to double that this year and at a minimum double again for next year. In seven years the entire farm should be fully used, leaving half natural, working with nature on the other half, growing and raising food and seed stock, mainly for local consumption. It will evolve, with more people.
     BC FEEDS BC IN SEVEN YEARS, weeded 10,000 Garlic again, harvesting will be in July.
      Have 400 acres to look at in Manitoba, in September or next Spring. MAN. FEEDS MAN. IN SEVEN YEARS.

Canadian Flag In Compost

      No, the Garden Party Self Government Canada, did not put the Canadian Flag in the compost, the Harper Fraud Elected Government is responsible for that action.  The Canadian Flag once was used on backpackers gear when travelling around the world, most places Canadians were well treated, the Flag was good. Not so much now, now Canadians showing a flag may be a target. This happened since Harper has been in office, a real flag waver, who has successfully made far more enemies than friends for Canada around the world. Even conservative MPs are jumping out of his boat after his performance of hiding in a closet. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, in Harper's case, to the closet to phone his mother. 

Space Race Suspended

    The space program has to be stopped  until we have all the people fed, until the sixty million displaced people have a place to call home, and have a opportunity to serve with their talents without stress to make a living.
     How much are we not being told about the development of weaponry in space.  When a Government 'of the people' keeps secret all kinds of things it is doing from the people it no longer represents the people. 
     From Canada Without Borders, The Garden Party Officially Declares Self Government in USA. How do you like that take over, didn't need a gun to take over Canada, and abolish the Canadian Russian Borders. Nobody is moving yet, maybe they like it where they are. The Garden Party can see no purpose for wasting time and resources to control its citizens. Borders simple do not exsit in The Garden. And what is not a part of The Garden? Who is not a member of The Family? Which Person has a different original mother and father? We are all related, we need to get to know our relatives better. Got Room In Your House? Borders keep The Family Divided, prevent movement when it is necessary from environmental changes, or when profits are pushed up by the arms industries. Mostly where oil or valued ores are in the ground. Corporations love borders and a divided house. That is over, The World Garden Party Declares by unanimous telepathic collaboration "all borders are now in the compost".  That Is the New World Order,  Re-Creation. We are not yet ready for space travel, we need to get our fingers in the ground and our house in order first, not spread our shit all over the universe.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Garden Party Well Armed.

    Ready to take action anywhere in BC. Emergency Response is best before the disaster, while we still have an inefficient intact infrastructure, when the present capitalist money system collapses, which The Garden Party Insists Happening, the imported food supply will not be coming in. This will be catastrophic if people are not prepared. 
      For starters, make sure the Gardeners and Farmers closest to you are getting all the support they need to provide the necessities of life. Be certain enough food is being produced in your area to be able to feed all the people in your area.  When food runs out, all other wants and needs will become secondary. Food is a priority, people must be in control of their food supply. 
      Tools and Arms and Legs and Backs, Gardeners Without Borders are leaving for Quesnel in the morning, to save a farmer going down to quitting under costs with mortgage just too much. So the The Garden Party has purchased the month of June mortgage payment to relieve the pressure for one month a year off Odd Ball Organics, and is hopeful that we will soon be able to free up Gardeners and Farmers so they can garden and farm. 
     The Garden Party will be on site in Quesnel on JUNE 21st WORLD DO NOTHING DAY (gardening exempt),  a everywhere holiday from insanity.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Abolish NATO.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, has no further use for NATO and it should have been disbanded at the end of the so called 'Cold War'.  The most dangerous country in the world, and main cause of the Cold War, is now trying to box in the Russian Bear. Let it be understood when we call the USA dangerous, we are not talking about the misinformed and uninformed masses of Americans, we are referring to the USA Government and Those few who secretly own and direct both parties, the Massive Arms Industries. Democracy and equality, certainly does not exist in any country, and Communism is not practiced in any country either, so equality does not exist there either. 
     The Self Government of Canada has Cancelled its membership of all Groupie Treaties , Just Us Treaties and NATO, again. 
     We are expanding our Free Trade Agreement which means we give freely and get back Happiness,  to include every child to get free, the quality food that they need to be healthy. 
     June 21st, World Buy Nothing Day, Take Back One Day, a second will come, and then a third. Happy Holiday, Finally something to celebrate! Don't miss the action.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Folly if Money, Part 2.

     Money, paper and metal, plastic, or just numbers somewhere on a computer chip are given life and power by belief. As a honest method of exchange, or measurement of value it can be made to work, but when money value is manipulated or can be written out of the sky, it can never be a fair exchange.
     Earning Money may make you get up in the morning, but if money did not exist, you still might get up to go to work, you may still need to do some beneficial work to receive what money bought you before. What you can't do is sit back and manipulate money and get all for nothing.
    Money was an idea and has been used for centuries by some peoples, and others existed also to this day in which money or barter has never been used. Obviously, money is not a requirement to the function of society, and since it now has become the second biggest scam ever pulled on the Human Race, The Garden Party is in the process of composting money. Fear not, those who measure their worth by numbers will spent it all to convince others to believe in money, other wise they will not be able to get more than their share while others starve. We expect organized crime money making, 95% legal and 5% illegal, to be part of our History as we reform our methods of social function, there will be a lot of temporary unemployment of organized crime employees in this transition, but there will be lots of things to do, like growing gardens.
     BC FEEDS BC IN SEVEN YEARS WITHOUT MONEY! Can't stop evolution.