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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Stromville BC Meeting.

     The Garden Party Self Government of BC as of today after Work Cloths Sunday Meeting, has embarked into Forests. A model for the ever changing existing system is in developing Stage.  Community Forests, Forever. The Forever part means, there will be alway be a diverse healthy forest, maintained and harvested in a manner that is at least sustainable for the long term, generations upon generations sustainable.
     Community Control is necessary if there is going to a hope of a sustainable natural environment that can provide for all. Get together all you retired people of the forests that have hands on experience. Without pay, act as the board of directors. Do what is good for the forests, and no doubt it will be good for the local people, and it gives you something to do that you can feel good about. Take control, in a real democracy, People Are The Government.
    Firewood delivered by Nature.

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