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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sears Crashing.

     1000 Sears Stores are shutting down, we are making progress, junk sales have dropped in the USA by at least 15% this year, according to our own made up statistics. Another saw mill shut down in Quesnel BC laying off four hundred employees due to Opps, no trees left. 
     The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment is not restrained by borders dreamed up by dead men who's ghosts have more say than the living made up of blood and guts with shit for brains. Must be true in Canada, the shit for brains part, just look who they elect and allow to run the country. Face the facts; money decides elections and candidates.
     Our Minister For More Unemployment is predicting more cut backs and layoffs in the banking Industry, credit given to Our Self Appointed Minister of Finance who has declared the real value of Money, less than nothing and a costly liability that is strangling the human race. 
     Shut down another 1000 Garbage Making Sweat Shop Stores. Buy Nothing For Five Extra Days this month of May. 
    Stromville Garlic, elevation 4000 feet.
    Stromville rhubarb.
    Population, one.

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