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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Occupation Quesnel

     We are picking up a $1600 a month mortgage even though we have nothing in our slush fund from political campaigns. However, many hands make a load lighter, not the clap kind. This is the beginning of a nursery for northern and high altitude seeds and plants. 150 Acres, goals: self sustaining and long term sustainable, community serving, Experimental Garden Farm, learning and teaching centre. And maybe a 'good spot', for youth at risk.
     Planted so far, 10,000 garlic, 32 varieties. Shellots next, then potatoes. Delays in development of project are caused by $1600 a month payment, money is such a hindrance and pain. All money is headed for the compost, but the dragons keep breathing life into what can only lead to a social and environmental disaster for everyone. 
     Anybody want to pay up the mortgage so we can fully engage in social and environmental disaster prevention?  If not, we will persevere, we will not fail trying.

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