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Monday, May 4, 2015

Louie's Garden Party Growing.

     People from high places, such as the mayor of Stromville BC, 4000 ft above our Peas in Saanich BC, are becoming regular visitors to the Garden Nursery, recently placed under Agricultural and Environmental Land Reserve of Canada's Constantly Renewing Self Government.
      New project is under development in Sooke BC, basically for wheelchair access, soil is filling table boxes now. Also in the works are two working museums, one for mining, one for small scale farming.  And we have helped to start another endeavour, sheep for meat raising, butchering, and processing. Every project is a template for starting more, which will get even easier with experience. We expect to add at least 130 more small sheep farms in the next couple of years. Very possible, as Self Government known as The Garden Party Frees up the land, so Young Inspired Gardeners can get on with sustainable agricultural projects and do their thing without having to work for the Arms Industry. 
     What Do you want to do? What do you have under your Stewardship that could be used? What are you waiting for, live a little, we all will be dust soon enough so Dig In.
     BC FEEDS BC, IN SEVEN YEARS. And just for exercise, try for  Five Buy Nothing Days in a row. 

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