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Monday, May 18, 2015


     We informed Canada to pull pension funds out of the Arms Industry. Lay offs, 1200 in Quebec and Ontario. The Arms Industries are all going to be out of business soon. They feed wars, not prevent wars, shut them all down.
      It is the social responsibility of everyone to refuse support of all arms makers. Refuse to work for them, refuse to fix their plumbing or anything else, refuse to dig the ore they use, and get that war monger and Fraud Elected Harper Government out of office and in the barn, where the esteemed leader of 15% can fork it out all day, out of sight and hearing range. How anybody could vote for a leader with his inhuman qualities, is hard to comprehend.
     Today, The Day This Is Read, is World Buy No Military Junk Day. Has to happen, today is where we start, stopping. Start Now. Stopped yet? Make it happen, change the world.

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