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Monday, May 18, 2015

Community Forests.

     No point beating around the bush, present forest practices today are about all about the bottom line, money. That is about to change. As of today any further contracts of Coin Operated Governments dealing off forest products, trees or anything else will be considered Illegal and void by The Garden Party Self Government of Canada. We are developing a new forest practices and uses code. These will be developed by those who oversee the forest, all who have long experience in the bush. This will include all the users of the natural environment, and a responsibility for sustainability of all it's diversity.
    Focus will be to develop local jobs from Natural Harvests and take care of local needs first, like harvest tree with minimum impact and build simple log houses for what is needed. Draw from experience. Pass it on. If you can do a better job than is being done, lay the foundation, gather the people and tools, Declare Self Government and take over your forests and leave them in good hands. A Legacy. 
     Ground work has been started in Stromville by the demoted Deputy Major while the Mayor is back visiting, and in Barkerville by the Advisery Committee taking on new authority. In some cases a temporary dictatorship is necessary to alter course if self serving corruption refuses to heed global warning. How we harvest and use our forests in Canada will be completely changed in less than ten years. All interests should get involved now, and, develop models of excellence. There will always be room for improvement, so make room, we are not beating around the bush for nothing.

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