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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Buy Less Share More.

     Get your Garden Planted Canada, self reliance is required. California foods are drying up and there is no telling what might happen in the USA. Their Empire is is in the state of collapse. Everybody in so called Developed Countries better start a garden, so Undeveloped Countries do not have to get developed into the same mess as the Developed Countries. 
     Make your garden a Community Garden. Invite people to visit your garden, take plants and bring plants, create a local nursery, open participation, build community, the benefits are too many to list and as diverse as people. A little patience, to harvest you have to plant, not every action will get desired results, but every action can teach, and with persistency, desired results will be  achieved. Government by the people.
     Get started now, your actions will change the world and you can get desired results you can touch and see. Plant a seed in good soil, and watch it grow.
     May 21st is WORLD BUY NOTHING DAY, and a holiday for all the Zoo Keepers.

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