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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Leading Roll, Legislature Bomber?

     How many RCMP played a part in this theatre act orchestrated of the pretend bombing of the BC Legislature? Was it 150 members of The Force? Or was it 270? Quite a cast, one would assume you start with the idea, develop a script, find the right people to play unaware lead roles, poor not too bright drug addicts, set them up, make sure they stay true to script, no wonder hundreds of RCMP were given rolls needed to pull off this piece of fiction. Out of the whole cast the two supposed bombers are more innocent than all the RCMP roll players. 
     Makes one wonder just how much part did the RCMP play in the two 'terrorist events' in Eastern Canada? It is common knowledge that RCMP do sting operations, fighting crime, or causing crime to fight, are they now making 'terrorists, or as it appears already have done so. And why were RCMP wearing masks during the Ottawa shooting?  There is just something wrong about that picture.
     The Garden Party feels it is time to retire the RCMP, for a New Police Force. The Uncontested Garden Party Self Government of Canada feels that Canadians need more policing so it has officially deputized the entire country. So now, if you commit a crime, arrest yourself and lock yourself in a closet, until all danger has past.

Harper is Popular With,

     Money wins elections, and the fraud elected PM of Canada who hids in closets and rules by fear might win the next fraud election. He has friends in the Arms Industry, The Dirty Oil Industry, The Gladiator Industy, The Phony Money Industy, Monsanto Toxic Waste Industry, Uranium Industry for which there is no fitting adjective, and the Armageddon Believes who are insistent that death and destruction are the way to Heavens built in the mind. No matter, Self Government is taking place, money has no voice, elections are a farce, and we are finished what we know is malfunctioning.
     BACK TO THE GARDEN, CANADA FEEDS CANADA IN SEVEN YEARS, Get started, needs to be done, right!
    Meetings Every Sunday at 2 PM.

Garden Party Sunday Meeting

    150 acre farm has just come available, what great idea would you like to do, the property is at approx 2000 feel elevation. Quesnel, BC, lots of sun, fields, trees and water. If you have an interest you want to develop, or ?, come and present it at 2 PM Sunday, to John, left side end of Diamond St, Harrison Hot Springs BC, or Louis in the garden at 5090 West Sannich Rd, Victoria, or ph 1 604 928 3663
    The Garden Party Self Government Meetings are all behind open gates, bring your ideas, get help to implement them or get them nipped in the bud.  Visit anytime.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Expect City Exodus.

     We know it will happen, cities are unsustainable, high intake, garbage for high output. Not sustainable at intake or output. Crumbling from within, not a model for the future. Get rid of money, the towers down town will be vacant. They will be driving away from cities until they run out of gas. The gas guzzlers won't get very far. The walkers, they can go anywhere.
     Best to get out of the cities, they are not a healthy place to live, surrounded by gases of thousands of chemicals, eating toxins, hormones, steroids, fungicides and antibiotics with your food. You are being poisoned, period. So get out of town now. Don't know How, check out Our Minister of Finance featured in Guru Gazette.

Anything is possible,

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada will find $1600, to pay one payment a year until mortgage is paid. No return is expected but we will all get the benefits. There is plenty of room for involvement, want to make a mortgage payment, feel free. Want to make ten, even better.
     Weeded 10,000 Garlic and planted 200 Shellots.  A Message From Garden Party Emergency Relief, Armed to the teeth will hoe, on the road south tomorrow. Pulling weeds and putting in viable seed, things are changing, how about you?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sears Crashing.

     1000 Sears Stores are shutting down, we are making progress, junk sales have dropped in the USA by at least 15% this year, according to our own made up statistics. Another saw mill shut down in Quesnel BC laying off four hundred employees due to Opps, no trees left. 
     The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment is not restrained by borders dreamed up by dead men who's ghosts have more say than the living made up of blood and guts with shit for brains. Must be true in Canada, the shit for brains part, just look who they elect and allow to run the country. Face the facts; money decides elections and candidates.
     Our Minister For More Unemployment is predicting more cut backs and layoffs in the banking Industry, credit given to Our Self Appointed Minister of Finance who has declared the real value of Money, less than nothing and a costly liability that is strangling the human race. 
     Shut down another 1000 Garbage Making Sweat Shop Stores. Buy Nothing For Five Extra Days this month of May. 
    Stromville Garlic, elevation 4000 feet.
    Stromville rhubarb.
    Population, one.

Occupation Quesnel

     We are picking up a $1600 a month mortgage even though we have nothing in our slush fund from political campaigns. However, many hands make a load lighter, not the clap kind. This is the beginning of a nursery for northern and high altitude seeds and plants. 150 Acres, goals: self sustaining and long term sustainable, community serving, Experimental Garden Farm, learning and teaching centre. And maybe a 'good spot', for youth at risk.
     Planted so far, 10,000 garlic, 32 varieties. Shellots next, then potatoes. Delays in development of project are caused by $1600 a month payment, money is such a hindrance and pain. All money is headed for the compost, but the dragons keep breathing life into what can only lead to a social and environmental disaster for everyone. 
     Anybody want to pay up the mortgage so we can fully engage in social and environmental disaster prevention?  If not, we will persevere, we will not fail trying.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Without Money.

     It is apparent to the Garden Party that anything that can be done with money, would be done better if money was not a issue. Working for money is not the same as working for the result of your work. 
     Whatever one does for money, one is able to do just as well without money. So we all simply carry on doing the things that need doing, and drop all things related to money, and half the work is done immediately. Half at least, of the work force is employed in maintaining our monitory system. A numbers racket with no mathematical integrity, and a energy glut maintaining their financial monuments to bullshit. There is no doubt, non whatsoever, we will have far less to do, when we get rid of money. 
     May 21, World Drop Money Day, international holiday.

Mad Muzzled Scientists

    Harper's 15% Mandate Dictatorship of Canada fired half the scientists employed by the public, and muzzled the other half. Why not, he has muzzled his cabinet and other elected Conservative Members of Parliament, Civil Servants, and the Military. He is working on Shutting Up Mad Protesters by intimidation and he is trying to take over and run the Justice System by his tunnel vision. The Garden Party, Shadow Self Government of Canada declared all Human Muzzlers Criminal and they should get 5 terms of eight years in a Federal Maximum Prison. We suggest the Scientists working for the present Fraud Elected Government of Canada all QUIT! If you allow Harper to shut your mouth, you keep your job, and lose your integrity. Grow a Garden, and Never Shut Up. 

Breaking New Ground

     Talks today, Monday May 18th, work may start within a week. Property was looked over and it has potential for all types of garden farming and room for a wide range of food and shelter related projects, educational opportunities, etc. discussions will continue this week. Quesnel BC is the aera, projects would have to be self funded, acreage 150. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Stromville BC.

     Now a third Garden Party regular place to meet in BC, this weeks actions and discussion revolved around gardens and forests. Even ghost towns like Stromville have more action than the BC Legislature.  
    Local Legislature  
    Deputy Mayor.
    Go here for paperwork.

Community Forests.

     No point beating around the bush, present forest practices today are about all about the bottom line, money. That is about to change. As of today any further contracts of Coin Operated Governments dealing off forest products, trees or anything else will be considered Illegal and void by The Garden Party Self Government of Canada. We are developing a new forest practices and uses code. These will be developed by those who oversee the forest, all who have long experience in the bush. This will include all the users of the natural environment, and a responsibility for sustainability of all it's diversity.
    Focus will be to develop local jobs from Natural Harvests and take care of local needs first, like harvest tree with minimum impact and build simple log houses for what is needed. Draw from experience. Pass it on. If you can do a better job than is being done, lay the foundation, gather the people and tools, Declare Self Government and take over your forests and leave them in good hands. A Legacy. 
     Ground work has been started in Stromville by the demoted Deputy Major while the Mayor is back visiting, and in Barkerville by the Advisery Committee taking on new authority. In some cases a temporary dictatorship is necessary to alter course if self serving corruption refuses to heed global warning. How we harvest and use our forests in Canada will be completely changed in less than ten years. All interests should get involved now, and, develop models of excellence. There will always be room for improvement, so make room, we are not beating around the bush for nothing.

Why Wait For Elections?

     Unless of course you want to get your fingers into the public purse, there is no need for elections at all to get your fingers in the dirt. Expecting to bring about change by corporate controled elections that 15% of the entitled to vote can give someone a majority government, changes will be too slow.
     Bring about change by doing it, if you need Government Permission, declare Self Government, give yourself permission, take actions and get your hands dirty, doing the clean work. Go ahead, Get Inspired, hope is alive.
     May 21st is WORLD DO NOTHING DAY, sit back and watch the collapse of corporations, the excitement is growing, don't miss it, start your revolutionary garden.  


     We informed Canada to pull pension funds out of the Arms Industry. Lay offs, 1200 in Quebec and Ontario. The Arms Industries are all going to be out of business soon. They feed wars, not prevent wars, shut them all down.
      It is the social responsibility of everyone to refuse support of all arms makers. Refuse to work for them, refuse to fix their plumbing or anything else, refuse to dig the ore they use, and get that war monger and Fraud Elected Harper Government out of office and in the barn, where the esteemed leader of 15% can fork it out all day, out of sight and hearing range. How anybody could vote for a leader with his inhuman qualities, is hard to comprehend.
     Today, The Day This Is Read, is World Buy No Military Junk Day. Has to happen, today is where we start, stopping. Start Now. Stopped yet? Make it happen, change the world.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Buy Less Share More.

     Get your Garden Planted Canada, self reliance is required. California foods are drying up and there is no telling what might happen in the USA. Their Empire is is in the state of collapse. Everybody in so called Developed Countries better start a garden, so Undeveloped Countries do not have to get developed into the same mess as the Developed Countries. 
     Make your garden a Community Garden. Invite people to visit your garden, take plants and bring plants, create a local nursery, open participation, build community, the benefits are too many to list and as diverse as people. A little patience, to harvest you have to plant, not every action will get desired results, but every action can teach, and with persistency, desired results will be  achieved. Government by the people.
     Get started now, your actions will change the world and you can get desired results you can touch and see. Plant a seed in good soil, and watch it grow.
     May 21st is WORLD BUY NOTHING DAY, and a holiday for all the Zoo Keepers.

Pot Laws.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada declares pot equal to peas under Natural Law. Everyone can grow, process, consume, share or sell peas without any government, courts, or police interference. What is good for peas, is good enought for pot. 
     What is being attempted by the fraud elected governments, controlled by corporations, is to gain control or ownership of all pot for the profits made by illegal Organized Crime. Another case of Legalizing Organized Crime just like the Criminal Protection Rackets became Insurance Agencies, legalized crime. The Garden Party considers all plants legal, and suggests the Canadian Hero Harper who hides in closets stay out of people's gardens.

Stromville BC Meeting.

     The Garden Party Self Government of BC as of today after Work Cloths Sunday Meeting, has embarked into Forests. A model for the ever changing existing system is in developing Stage.  Community Forests, Forever. The Forever part means, there will be alway be a diverse healthy forest, maintained and harvested in a manner that is at least sustainable for the long term, generations upon generations sustainable.
     Community Control is necessary if there is going to a hope of a sustainable natural environment that can provide for all. Get together all you retired people of the forests that have hands on experience. Without pay, act as the board of directors. Do what is good for the forests, and no doubt it will be good for the local people, and it gives you something to do that you can feel good about. Take control, in a real democracy, People Are The Government.
    Firewood delivered by Nature.