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Sunday, April 12, 2015

War Is Hell.

     Looks like Canada is entering into perpetual war along with the USA. Certainly not the majority of Canadians are going to war, but the government that supposedly represents them is entering the military into constant war. Real motives unknown, goals unknown, is any government worthy of trust? Is it absolutely true that power corrupts? Does voting do anything more than change the rider on a dead horse? The Self Government of Canada, the Garden Party is having a Funeral Party to lay to rest elections, and all political dividing parties. In other words, To Bury The Dead Horse, the smell is unbearable. 
     As people we just keep our vote to make sure it counts. We are directly involved in what is our lives, and we choose to not live under the authority of a false government. We welcome pubic debate on this subject for those who think contrary. We perhaps are putting ourselves in jeopardy by our statements, but if we have lost all rights to decide the direction of our lives, we already have nothing more to lose.
     Party starts Sunday, 2 PM at Every Inclusive Gentleman's Club, in the Garden of course, where else would you compost Elected Governments? Bring your salad bowl, it will be wild.

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