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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Refugee Resettlement.

     Canada has lots of trees to build houses, lots o steel , lots of energy supplies, lots of roads, and lots of agricultural land and lots of water.
     Canada is poisoning its water, polluting it farm land, wasting its energy, trashing it forests, filling up the roads up with scrap metal chasing money, and homelessness is increasing. 40,000 logging trucks in BC and people are homeless. Unused Land everywhere and people are going hungry. Big empty houses and properties that could easily house or accommodate 20 people, have one or two residents. Very stupid zoning laws dreamed up by the real estate industry cause most of the housing shortage. 
     Garden Party Zoning Law; Good Stewardship. All previous Zoning Laws Cancelled. Work it out with your Neighbours, Canada is Exercising Self Government. Exercise a little every day, it grows on you. And dig a Garden, it will keep you grounded.
     Now fill up your house with refugees and get them out in the Garden where they can grow food they like to eat. 
      The Garden Party Self Government of Canada accepts all refugees, no passports, visas, or papers required. Come if you want to, Spring is a good time to start a garden. 

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