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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Plastics are killing us.

     Not trying to be negative, or shocking, just stating a fact. Want to go extinct? Carry on using plastics and we all will. The Earth is not a big enough garbage dump to handle all the plastic we are making and distributing. 
     Now, today, pay attention to every bit of plastic you are purchasing, and decrease use at least by 20% for 2015. And figure out how you can further decrease another 20% for 2016. Goal is to stop using plastics completely.
     One good way to reduce packaging, is grow your own garden. Or take a basket and shop at your local farmers market. Always consider the plastic when you are buying. We all need too, and can REDUCE OUR USE OF PLASTICS. NOW. That is the New World Order,  free advice from the Garden Party Minister For SHUTTING DOWN ALL DUMPS IN BC IN SEVEN YEARS.
     Grow a garden, it is easy and benefits will be discovered when you pick up a shovel.

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