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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Our Job, Get You To Quit.

     "If I don't do it, somebody else will", pretty lame brain excuse but commonly used in Canada. It is what we do and how we do it, that makes us who we are. Working at maintaining error is understandable under a forced situation, but is never good for the soul, so.instead of excuses, seek worthy work, even if pay is less, quality of life will be enhanced.
     We of course suggest gardening, at the very least you will have to work less at garbage making work. And if money is required, there is a big market for quality food, as most corporate food is toxic and lacking in vitamins and minerals. Ideas come with doing, grow food to feed yourself, grow extra to provide for others who are doing good works, feed the hungry or sell for cash if necessary. 
     BC FEEDS BC IN SEVEN YEARS, expect Toxic Super Corporate Food Stores to start going bankrupt this year. No one can undercut The Garden Party's Priceless Foods, and demand far exceeds present production. We expect to increase production about 2000% this year and still not fill demand. At the moment we are the fasting growing slow industry in Canada, and we know dirt.

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