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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Old enterprise, new direction.

     The Garden Party has extensive knowledge in harvesting natural foods. Seaweeds, Mushrooms, berries, herbs for food, tea, and medicines. We have in the recent past, picked, processed and marketed all of these products successfully. We are still equipped as we ever were. Areas we picked, South Eastern Manitoba, Northern Saskatchewan, Central Foothills of Alberta, and all over BC up to the Yukon Border.
      Now, our priority is local food production. We operate a Small but growing Nursery on Vancouver Island with plans for a larger one in Central BC to service The North. Anyone who wants to participate, to share Knowledge, to learn by doing, or has available land to set up something sensible, make contact.
     BC FEEDS BC, in seven years, and just a reminder, The Gentleman's Clubs will be meeting again at 2 PM, we expect a Bolivian Elder this Sunday in Victoria. The Gentleman's Club Meeting may double in size, and be half Gentlewomen. 
     What a strange world we are living in, directed by such a small bunch of criminally insane nuts, all seeking to be the top nut. Long way to fall, best get active on working your way down to the ground, The Garden Party will no longer hold up nuts, in fact we are shaking trees.  See you Sunday, we are not worried about the heat, we are inclusive. Of course if they want to be exclusive, hot or cold, they will all be told, and never again will anyone be bought or sold. WORLD BUY NOTHING DAY, APRIL 21st, how could you miss it?

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