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Friday, April 3, 2015

More Victory Gardens, BC.

     Another Two First Time Gardeners on Vancouver Island getting tools, seed and even some precious dirt from our Centre of The Universe Nursery. Well we are not exactly at the centre, just across the street. Weather has been cool but flowers are blooming and so is The Garden Party. Guided Garden Tours are happening every day now, if the Gardeners are out working other gardens, find the Net Gate and walk around. The nursery has a ever increasing variety, with many experiments with plants and methods composting and growing. Our Instant Compost Gardens in Pots are proving a success for early start growing.  The black pots warm up even on cold windy or cloudy days, and with composting going on near the bottom of the pots a bit more heat is created. When summer temperatures increase, the Black Pots can get too hot, so we shade the sunny sides from direct sunlight. 

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