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Monday, April 20, 2015

Low Diversity, Not Good.

     In your gut or on the land, the greater the variety of bacteria, the healthy the environment. Monoculture foods, organic or not, is abuse and creates low diversity, that is as bad as Clear Cutting Forests, and replanting only Money Trees. Money Tree Forests are Ghost Forests compared to Natural Forests with abundant diversity. In the same way, large grain fields are empty of life compared to any Island of land left to Nature. A healthy land and a healthy gut, has high diversity.  Our Nursery diversity is increasing with more new arrivals every year. Yes we still do interfere with nature when growing food to eat, but our methods are to minimize impact and encourage diversity, not extract hugest profits and in the process wipe out life.
     Enough is enough, The Garden Party is not making or signing petitions, just stop buying monoculture products. Boycott Business's that sell any products made by Monsanto, and get local food production going. Dig up the lawn, the sidewalk, the parliament grounds. Establish the solution and get a million people  doing more than signing papers to beg for action from the fraud Government of Canada. Signing petitions to give to The Government, only recognizes their power over the people. Send the million signature petition to the Garden Party for composting and get the million people doing gardens and Monsanto will be the ghost.

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