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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Land Ownership, O.A.T.

    Occupation Apple Tree is in constant change and development, just like any person can be. Constantly expanding in raising and growing food. The maker of this blog, creator of OAT, set a goal of community controlled sustainable local food supplies in BC, in Ten Years. Starting with the idea, has been making progress daily. Now linked to a circle of others, the circle changes, grows and shrinks but mostly grows. Each person in a circle of connections has a different circle often making common connections, but naturally different. Experiences, abilities, needs, situations, ages, finances, passions, make for different connections. Perhaps for better or worse, new or more connections can be made at a regular 2pm Sunday Meeting at the Garden Party Nursery, at 5090 west Saanich Rd. Drop by any time, if no one if there, check out the garden, smell the flowers. To be continued...and The Garden Party considers Land Ownership an impossibility. 

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