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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Debts increase faster than peas.

     Forty Countries now cannot pay the interest on loans made from organized crime institutions, more debts to pay interest on past unpaid interest debts, means even bigger unpaid interest bills, that means crash. A Hundred and Forty more countries are only holding their money Gobble-De-Kook together with crazy glue and duct tape. Something is bound to break lose soon. Happen it will, the entire fantasy money system works well for only one percent of the population. It is a 99% failure. Actually 100%. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, that undermined the Canadian Elected Government before they could pass a law making Self Government Illegal, declared Self Government and Declared All Elected Coin Operated Government Illegal. We recognize our authority is greater, we don't need police to guard us with guns or to enforce our authority.  We don't need to make Laws against things we don't do.
    No longer will permission of Money be needed to implement necessary change. So with shovels we are digging in everywhere. The Inclusive Gentleman's Club will meet every Sunday at 2 PM, to discuss the Direction To Correction. It will also serve a need where single older persons who are alone and depressed with the mass insanity, can meet others, and partner up in actions.
     Two Gentleman's Clubs are setting up in BC this Sunday, instigated by elders but open to all. There may be one in Ontario next week. These Clubs are inclusive, so membership is unnecessary and fees non-existent. Anyone can start one up to get connected with others, and really dig in.
     Pick a location, that you like to hang out, have a place near by to get out of bad weather, a place that people can meet and feel comfortable, put out the word, be at the location at the set time, patience will get results. 

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