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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Corporate Drugs Stores Crashing.

      The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment is on the campaign trail making promises of big lay offs in the drug and cosmetic industries as the snake oil and illusion distributors close up shop. So many people are now gardening in North America that sales of anti-depressants are dropping.  And who needs stinky toxic cosmetics in the garden where you have no mirrors and it always smells good.
     So if you have pension funds tied up in the drug and cosmetic industries pull them out now, and go to a Inclusive Gentleman's Club meeting. Go as you are. If your suit is uncomfortable, you can wear it out, in the Garden. That is where we are holding our very first Inclusive Gentleman's Club Meeting this Sunday at 2 PM, allowing all things to evolve, the present plan is to continue a regular Sunday Meeting until that too passes into the compost of history. In the meantime, the sky is not the limit, all things are possible.

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