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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Congratulations To Supreme Court.

     It's about time they started to roll back the law. The Supreme Court just composted Harper's Dictated Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentences. He does not yet have Supreme Control over Canada. 
     Control is just a bad dream of Harper, the Fraud Elected PM of Canada. The Garden Party is already out of control and has dug in. Our grapes are budding. We have 400 vines sending out long roots. Self Control Is What We Need and are Exercising. 
     Do remember, non essential plastics are going off the market because we are not buying them. If your pension funds are invested in the plastic industries pull them out before the market crashes, and invest in the best alternative to plastic industries. Gardening.
     April 21st, World Buy Nothing Day, International Holiday, do two days and save twice as much. If you do three days you can have the fourth day for free. 

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