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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Boycott Home Hardware.

     The Garden Party's pressure on Monsanto, has caused a drop in prices of round up at the cash register. They have embarked on a campaign to promote round up as sales drop. We are making progress, Home Hardware, where, like all Big Box Stores the quality is on a steady decline, is getting rewarded for pushing Toxic Monsanto Products. 
     The Garden Party New World Order calls for a complete Boycott of all Home Hardware Stores, effective immediately. It is The New World Order Law. Penalty for breaching The Law, is Extinction, sooner than later. Boycott all establishments selling Monsanto's weapons of mass extinction. April 22, 2015 World Buy Nothing Monsanto Day, and every next day until Monsanto is Extinct. We are informing all our 280,000 Gardeners Disguised as Spies, to stay far away from Home Hardware Stores, if they want to stay healthy.

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