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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Assume Responsibility.

     Wherever we are in the world, we as individuals have to take responsibility for the state of the world condition. If we are giving our vote, our permission, to be ruled by a Nut, that will do the things that fit into his tunnel vision view of the world, we all will have a price to pay. Beware, Gatherings and Protests can easily be stopped, made illegal under Bill C 51, all to keep Certain Canadians Safe.
     Okay, 15 to 20% of Canadians Who Voted Harper for Prime Minister will have to take the credit for putting a very unpopular fraud on the throne. We know for certain that 52% of the registered voters who didn't vote cannot take credit. 61% of the 48% who voted did not vote for Harper and can only be blamed for believing that democratic elections are democratic. Add another ten or fifteen percent that are not registered but entitled to vote that don't even get counted in the fifty two percent of non voters. Only 15% of the total eligible voters, give or take,  that did vote for Harper were impared on legal drug store funny pills or are just brain dead. Most likely from inhaling the Monsanto brain killing cancer causing round up weed and feed on their lawns and golf courses. 
     Out with Monsanto, out with resource theft, and out with the fraud elected Harper Goverement, all bullshit in the compost of distorted history, the sooner the better. That man has been undermining what is left of Democracy, trying to take over the Justice System, selling Canada off in trade agreements, and only wants immigrants that look like him. Diversity makes a healthy social environment.
    Garden Party on Tour.
    Who took the grill, take responsibility, return it.
   Stromville BC.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sunday Meeting Day

     The Garden Party Self Government Of Canada will be in cession at 2pm in the Parliament of Gardens as Usual, this week we are expecting our Japanese Connection who is developing balcony Gardens to stay grounded. 

Good or Bad?

     The Good People incarcerating The Bad People, may now be charged for an even greater crime, the creation of the evil to reflect their Goodness.
     Well, The Garden Party would like to settle this argument for once and for all. There is no such thing as Good or Bad People. They are all just people, and all people have shit for brains and are dumber than a bag of hammers. And entitled to a Just Life. Every single one. 
     When, are you who made up borders going to pack it in, and let people roam till they find a place they like. Open up the stupid borders, get rid of your Dept of Immigration. When in danger and for survival people need the freedom to roam, without passports and border obstacles.
     Be Prepared, Plant a garden, unexpected guests could show up pretty fast. As fast as it takes to Exercise Self Government, the new world authority.
      New World Order: Anyone crossing a Garden Border, Expect The Full Force of Natural Law Punishment: Fresh Tasty Treats. WORLD FEEDS WORLD IN SEVEN YEARS.

Friday, April 24, 2015

End Child Poverty

     Feed the Kids, good place to start. Start a garden and invite kids, parents, teachers, to come and pick fresh stuff. Evolve from there. So what are you waiting for? Your shovel needs exercise.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Harper's Green House Gas.

     Apparently Canada's green house gas will stink only a little bit more than the Americans. After all, Harper is not going to interfere with the biggest polluting energy wasting industry on the planet. The tar sands emissions released are as much as the rest of the Country. Plans for expansion are in the works. 
     Take It or Leave It. The Self Government of Canada, The Garden Party (still unchallenged), call for the complete shut down of tar sands oil extraction in Canada. Leave it for the future, it is not needed now, and with advancing technology may never be needed. They are shitty toxic jobs anyway, look how much they have to paid to get people to do the dirty jobs. Cut out the Tar Sands, and Canada will smell nicer than the US and maybe even Russia. 50% reduction in one year, good start Canada! With all the folks reducing their use of Fossil Fuel 20% in 2015, we should have a total reduction of 60% in one year. Now, how is that for leadership and getting things done by The Garden Party Minister of Finance, that does not even know what money feels like. 
    New World Order: Shut Down The Tar Sands. Failure to follow order, minimum sentence; our favorite, EXTINCTION!  

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Garden Party Budget Release.

    Started out with nothing in our Slush Fund, not even enough dirt to dig a hole in, ended the year with an increased garlic crop of 300%. Potatoes crop should grow 1000% this year. And 200 grape vines should start producing. Not bad for a zero budget funded by pension checks. All work has been funded out of the pension funds invested in: The Military Industries in Canada and The US, Car Racing Industry, and South America Mining by Canadian Registered Mining Companies.  The Canadian pension funds are handled by a Cash at any Cost Corporation, no doubt with a cosy connection with the Fraud Elected Harper Government.
    Regardless, the Garden Party Self Government of Canada continues to make progress, we are now in direct talks with the Bolivian Peoples Diplomatic Core and continuing with our quinoa experimental crops. We may have developed seed that is three times larger with a considerable shorter growing season that will mature without irrigation in a dry hot season. 
    The Self Government Of Canada Budget for 2015 has been prepared, it is the same as last year, spend all we get and not a penny more, until we compost completely that curse called money.

Boycott Home Hardware.

     The Garden Party's pressure on Monsanto, has caused a drop in prices of round up at the cash register. They have embarked on a campaign to promote round up as sales drop. We are making progress, Home Hardware, where, like all Big Box Stores the quality is on a steady decline, is getting rewarded for pushing Toxic Monsanto Products. 
     The Garden Party New World Order calls for a complete Boycott of all Home Hardware Stores, effective immediately. It is The New World Order Law. Penalty for breaching The Law, is Extinction, sooner than later. Boycott all establishments selling Monsanto's weapons of mass extinction. April 22, 2015 World Buy Nothing Monsanto Day, and every next day until Monsanto is Extinct. We are informing all our 280,000 Gardeners Disguised as Spies, to stay far away from Home Hardware Stores, if they want to stay healthy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Refugee Resettlement.

     Canada has lots of trees to build houses, lots o steel , lots of energy supplies, lots of roads, and lots of agricultural land and lots of water.
     Canada is poisoning its water, polluting it farm land, wasting its energy, trashing it forests, filling up the roads up with scrap metal chasing money, and homelessness is increasing. 40,000 logging trucks in BC and people are homeless. Unused Land everywhere and people are going hungry. Big empty houses and properties that could easily house or accommodate 20 people, have one or two residents. Very stupid zoning laws dreamed up by the real estate industry cause most of the housing shortage. 
     Garden Party Zoning Law; Good Stewardship. All previous Zoning Laws Cancelled. Work it out with your Neighbours, Canada is Exercising Self Government. Exercise a little every day, it grows on you. And dig a Garden, it will keep you grounded.
     Now fill up your house with refugees and get them out in the Garden where they can grow food they like to eat. 
      The Garden Party Self Government of Canada accepts all refugees, no passports, visas, or papers required. Come if you want to, Spring is a good time to start a garden. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Low Diversity, Not Good.

     In your gut or on the land, the greater the variety of bacteria, the healthy the environment. Monoculture foods, organic or not, is abuse and creates low diversity, that is as bad as Clear Cutting Forests, and replanting only Money Trees. Money Tree Forests are Ghost Forests compared to Natural Forests with abundant diversity. In the same way, large grain fields are empty of life compared to any Island of land left to Nature. A healthy land and a healthy gut, has high diversity.  Our Nursery diversity is increasing with more new arrivals every year. Yes we still do interfere with nature when growing food to eat, but our methods are to minimize impact and encourage diversity, not extract hugest profits and in the process wipe out life.
     Enough is enough, The Garden Party is not making or signing petitions, just stop buying monoculture products. Boycott Business's that sell any products made by Monsanto, and get local food production going. Dig up the lawn, the sidewalk, the parliament grounds. Establish the solution and get a million people  doing more than signing papers to beg for action from the fraud Government of Canada. Signing petitions to give to The Government, only recognizes their power over the people. Send the million signature petition to the Garden Party for composting and get the million people doing gardens and Monsanto will be the ghost.

Stop Buying, Less Recycling.

     WORLD BUY NOTHING DAY HOLIDAY, APRIL 21st. Followed by WORLD DO NOTHING DAY APRIL 22nd because there be will be nothing to recycle from the day before. Two days off each month will automatically reduce fossil fuel use by 7%. The People's Government of Canada is calling for a 20% Reduction of Everything for 2015, Recycling is still waste. Stop buying garbage, and since most food sold today is hardly fit to compost, grow a garden. Even if you grow only 20% of your food, you will reduce waste and Monsanto's profits from Mass Destruction.
     From The Minister for More Unemployment: Happy Buy and Do Nothing Days!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Coming And Going.

     The Sunday 2pm New Canadian Parliament met at it's second sitting, kneeling in the garden, weeding out invasive corporate government at 8am and was planting a dozen new seeds by 9am. The ground is fertile now that we composted almost everything including the elected fraud corporate government of Canada. 
     Planted a lot of seeds today, plants coming in, and going out, we are making progress, no unemployment here.  New refugees are welcome, bring your seeds,  or plant ours. We can discuss any situation, study it, know the goal, take a step on the shovel, dig to the goal. Community Effort. Help and be helped.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Old enterprise, new direction.

     The Garden Party has extensive knowledge in harvesting natural foods. Seaweeds, Mushrooms, berries, herbs for food, tea, and medicines. We have in the recent past, picked, processed and marketed all of these products successfully. We are still equipped as we ever were. Areas we picked, South Eastern Manitoba, Northern Saskatchewan, Central Foothills of Alberta, and all over BC up to the Yukon Border.
      Now, our priority is local food production. We operate a Small but growing Nursery on Vancouver Island with plans for a larger one in Central BC to service The North. Anyone who wants to participate, to share Knowledge, to learn by doing, or has available land to set up something sensible, make contact.
     BC FEEDS BC, in seven years, and just a reminder, The Gentleman's Clubs will be meeting again at 2 PM, we expect a Bolivian Elder this Sunday in Victoria. The Gentleman's Club Meeting may double in size, and be half Gentlewomen. 
     What a strange world we are living in, directed by such a small bunch of criminally insane nuts, all seeking to be the top nut. Long way to fall, best get active on working your way down to the ground, The Garden Party will no longer hold up nuts, in fact we are shaking trees.  See you Sunday, we are not worried about the heat, we are inclusive. Of course if they want to be exclusive, hot or cold, they will all be told, and never again will anyone be bought or sold. WORLD BUY NOTHING DAY, APRIL 21st, how could you miss it?

People's Government of Canada.

     We broke our shovel on The Parliament Steps last July, after First Nations Broke Copper. The Garden Party is Inclusive of All Nations, we did our action of breaking the shovel to make it clear to all Canadians, that we no longer consider the corporate elected government of Canada as our Government. We are actively developing our, we, the People's Government, and is it easy, when your not constantly dealing with institutionalized blocks. As far as the Harper Government passing laws to make criminals out anyone stepping out of line while being herded for the cliff, what can we say? We are on strike, we no longer recognize The Canadian Government? We certainly are not asking the old government for help, if you get some it will come with a heavy chain, like student debt, human bondage, nothing less. Nope, that direction is not where we, The People's Government is going, we can do better, nothing less will do, and always now. We made our journey to Ottawa and left the Queen a broken shovel. Fairytale is over. New Story taking place. New Parliament in the Garden Sunday at 2 PM, Do Time.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Canada at War With Russia.

     Harper is sending 200 Canadian military persons to Ukraine. Why is the Canadian Elected Government getting involved in the Ukraine conflict? We know that the present Ukraine government and the Harper government have some things in common. Both are corrupt, both get payoffs called political contributions from corporations such as Monsanto, and both have growing arms industries with sales of Weapons for Mass Killing and Destruction.
     Send the present construct of Government to the compost where it can finish rotting. Evolving Self Government is taking over regardless of fixed elections. Our Garden is Growing. The New World Order is Here, The Garden Party is sending 200 Gardeners with shovels to train gardening on the front lines. One hundred for each side.

Congratulations To Supreme Court.

     It's about time they started to roll back the law. The Supreme Court just composted Harper's Dictated Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentences. He does not yet have Supreme Control over Canada. 
     Control is just a bad dream of Harper, the Fraud Elected PM of Canada. The Garden Party is already out of control and has dug in. Our grapes are budding. We have 400 vines sending out long roots. Self Control Is What We Need and are Exercising. 
     Do remember, non essential plastics are going off the market because we are not buying them. If your pension funds are invested in the plastic industries pull them out before the market crashes, and invest in the best alternative to plastic industries. Gardening.
     April 21st, World Buy Nothing Day, International Holiday, do two days and save twice as much. If you do three days you can have the fourth day for free. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

War Is Hell.

     Looks like Canada is entering into perpetual war along with the USA. Certainly not the majority of Canadians are going to war, but the government that supposedly represents them is entering the military into constant war. Real motives unknown, goals unknown, is any government worthy of trust? Is it absolutely true that power corrupts? Does voting do anything more than change the rider on a dead horse? The Self Government of Canada, the Garden Party is having a Funeral Party to lay to rest elections, and all political dividing parties. In other words, To Bury The Dead Horse, the smell is unbearable. 
     As people we just keep our vote to make sure it counts. We are directly involved in what is our lives, and we choose to not live under the authority of a false government. We welcome pubic debate on this subject for those who think contrary. We perhaps are putting ourselves in jeopardy by our statements, but if we have lost all rights to decide the direction of our lives, we already have nothing more to lose.
     Party starts Sunday, 2 PM at Every Inclusive Gentleman's Club, in the Garden of course, where else would you compost Elected Governments? Bring your salad bowl, it will be wild.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Debts increase faster than peas.

     Forty Countries now cannot pay the interest on loans made from organized crime institutions, more debts to pay interest on past unpaid interest debts, means even bigger unpaid interest bills, that means crash. A Hundred and Forty more countries are only holding their money Gobble-De-Kook together with crazy glue and duct tape. Something is bound to break lose soon. Happen it will, the entire fantasy money system works well for only one percent of the population. It is a 99% failure. Actually 100%. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, that undermined the Canadian Elected Government before they could pass a law making Self Government Illegal, declared Self Government and Declared All Elected Coin Operated Government Illegal. We recognize our authority is greater, we don't need police to guard us with guns or to enforce our authority.  We don't need to make Laws against things we don't do.
    No longer will permission of Money be needed to implement necessary change. So with shovels we are digging in everywhere. The Inclusive Gentleman's Club will meet every Sunday at 2 PM, to discuss the Direction To Correction. It will also serve a need where single older persons who are alone and depressed with the mass insanity, can meet others, and partner up in actions.
     Two Gentleman's Clubs are setting up in BC this Sunday, instigated by elders but open to all. There may be one in Ontario next week. These Clubs are inclusive, so membership is unnecessary and fees non-existent. Anyone can start one up to get connected with others, and really dig in.
     Pick a location, that you like to hang out, have a place near by to get out of bad weather, a place that people can meet and feel comfortable, put out the word, be at the location at the set time, patience will get results.