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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Townhouse Meeting.

     This is the way it is, Occupation Apple Tree, at your service, we would like to, and are ready to make presentations to groups of people. We have ideas that can greatly affect the present state of affairs locally, and Globally. So, we would like meet with groups that benefit from the implementing of our ideas, they will work, there are few quick fixes but then, miracles can happen. We have ideas for the young and the old, for the healthy and cripple, for the rich as well as the poor, for veterans, unemployed and self employed, the butcher baker and candle stick maker, teachers and students, gardeners who would like to participate in some social work in their community or beyond,
      We can send someone most anywhere in BC. At this moment we are on Vancouver Island, but we can push wheel barrels all the way to Ottawa if necessary,   Contact by Ph, Louis at 1 604 928 3663. Ideally, a speaking engagement would be a half hour or more explanation, then questions or public discussion. Mostly a unstructured meeting that will evolve with the audience, and time restraints, and it would be nice to not have to watch that most unnatural device, the clock. We know what time it is and we want to make good use of our time, and have a good time while we are at it. 
BC FEEDS BC IN SEVEN YEARS, GET INVOLVED AND EVOLVE. We finished digging up and hauling in a old compost today, soil is already in use, we will in Victoria haul out your old compost for free at our convenience. If you are in a rush, call The Garbage Guru, he has a clock, and is sociable when not in his gorilla suit.

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