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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Second Move To End War.

     China is rapidly becoming the biggest supplier of arms. What can Canadians do?  Stop Buying All Products From China. That advise is for all peace loving individuals, no matter which of the 244 dictatorships they live under.
     Making Money filling the world with cheap weapons of death, can only add to the insanity we have now. Gardeners everywhere, the time for action is here, dig in, plant Garlic, create your local supply, give it to everyone free, that will end the imports of poor quality garlic from China and Save the world from becoming armed to the teeth.
     The Peaceful Garden Party, Self Government of Canada official declares all Garlic of China, stay in China. That alone should create 100,000 part time jobs in Canada. These jobs are agreeable to our Minister For More Unemployment. If you have not planted your garlic yet, get it planted as soon as the ground thaws. Canada Feeds Canada Garlic In Seven Years.


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