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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Next Move To End War.

     France is another country that pumps a lot of weapons into the competitive world market. Maybe if you would stop buying wines from France until they stop selling arms we could shake them up. Do they really think by filling up the world with killing weapons will make it safer? Tell everybody that you are saving the world from getting armed to the teeth by not buying French Wine, it is a place to start.  We in the Garden Party have stopped buying all imports from France, China and Canada.  Everybody doing their little bit, every day, will make the big difference.  
     BC CAN GET DRUNK ON BC GRAPES IN SEVEN YEARS.  A political promise from the Garden Party Minister of Agriculture. Since we have been blocked from elections we set up our own Government. The Garden Party Without Borders is developing the New World Order, order yours today, and for the first Three Hundred Orders we will give away a free Grape Vine. Welcome to the new form of Government, elections are obsolete, and we won't miss them or the French wine. This action has been approved by our Minister Responsible For More Bankrupt Military Industries, and should create a large demand for local grapes. Send the workers out of the bomb factories to the vineyard for retraining. 

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