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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

GP Institute of Research, MR 101.

     BC FEEDS BC WILD MUSHROOMS IN SEVEN YEARS. That's the goal. We will go to a limited number of communities to teach people the local wild mushrooms that are good to eat. With students, we will be teaching from other communities, so they can take their portable wealth and spread it around. Mushroom Picking Skills take years to learn, but a good basic foundation, with hands on learning that includes the learning of where, when and what to pick, handling and processing, respect for the environment, will be included. We will take a limited number of students, and will give preference to young people that may interested to teach others what they have learned. The hope is to have 130 learning centres around BC within a couple of years. We do have the skills to make a living from just mushrooms, but we also include many of the edible and medicinal plants and berries in our classes naturally. All our picking is for food or medicine only, generally selling our harvests to cover the costs of living and giving away the rest. We will be starting with our first classes this month in Victoria, with basic wild edibles plants and morel mushrooms. We may or may not charge for services when travelling is required, at the same time we may subsidize equipment for others that lack means but have heart. So like all our projects, we remember the goal and pick towards it. We generally require that students cover their own costs, transportation, and accommodations. For contact; or tex or ph 604 928 3663. And Grow a Garden, onions are popular with mushrooms, shallots keep well and can be eaten year round, planted five lbs this year.
BC FEEDS BC IN FIVE YEARS. A message from the Garden Party, follow up on picking will be titled MR Picking 102. 

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