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Friday, March 27, 2015

Game Changer, To End War.

     Unless there is a conscious change to those who profit from war, those who maintain or take power by force, or those who use military to impose their beliefs on others, the rest of us will suffer as will our life support system, the natural environment. That conclusion, for the majority could be extinction at worst, miserable existence at best.
     We cannot sit back and hope all greed for money and power which always corrupts will stop. It will take a conscious effort by enough people to remove the support structures for the worlds warring insanity. Enough committed people have to do what it takes, to force if necessary, the social changes that will end war, so that we can put our full efforts into repairing damage done.
     To delay now, all opportunity for change may be lost forever. Everybody with a sensible mind, of all ages, must exercise our strongest instinct, survival of the human race. Every effort, from many individual people, is required now. 2015 is our window of opportunity. Our efforts need to be global. The use of the Internet is a tool, but still can be cut off or destroyed. Use it, but be able to function without it, that is important.
     To a Gardener a shovel or a digging fork is important, but a Gardener can still function without them. There are obstacles to peace for certain, the ones already mentioned, and there are also obstacles to gardening. Like not having land to garden, or land accessible is to dry, wet, rocky, poor soil, or bombs are exploding around you. You may have to innovate or even move. But, if you want to garden, or you want peace, both can be accomplished with effort. You may not be able to get all the food you like but you will eat, you may never see a world at complete peace, but we can keep moving in a direction to correction. This Blog, Occupation Apple Tree, The Garden Party, are being done as a attempt to move things in a direction to correction at a local and Global level. We are surprised at our success in some actions, but much more needs doing and undoing, if we hope to see our goals achieved. To reach those goals require greater response both here and abroad. What we can honestly say is, We Are Working On It. Can You Honestly Say You Are The Game Changer? The New World Order? Be!
     The World Garden Party now has put full sanctions on Russia, the second biggest world exporter of weapons for mass destruction. The list of countries to Buy Nothing From is multiplying almost faster than our onions. We now include Russia with Germany, France, China and Canada on The Garden Party Buy Nothing From List, because of their bucks for weapons policies. Get your garden going, more sanctions are coming, People Power Is The Game Changer. Make your best peaceful action, now! New World Order.

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