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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Forth Move To End War.

     Grow a Garden. You might ask "what has food to got to do with war"? Better to ask "what has no food got to do with war"?
      When we import food we are buying from large corporations. Their purpose is making money, a common human disease. Business takes over prime growing land with phony inflated dollars, pays the lowest wages possible, in the process removing the local ability to feed itself on both ends. Corporation control of the land means local people end up poorer, disenfranchised, unemployed and, will at some point fight back. That is expected and understood. Exporting foods is a direct cause of poverty, poor people join militarises, not to kill or die, but to eat and live. And by now we know that any form of military, including prison guards and police, do and will continue to turn, otherwise normal people, into monsters. Less is better, when it comes to Military.
     There are a few people in Germany that are making a lot of blood money from the manufacturing and export of weapons, third biggest exporter in the world. Strange, one would tend to think the German People would be sick of sick wars, so much that they would be opposed to pumping weapons into the world market. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Money money , money. Quality weapons made by skilled workers does not exempt Germany from Sanctions now being imposed by the International Garden Party. The German Garden Party, if there is one there yet, along with all other Garden Party Diggers, are refusing to buy anything from Germany, France, China, and Canada, until they stop exporting death for money. 
     Can't go wrong growing a Garden. Dig up your front lawn and get started. The imports and exports will soon be drying up with all our sanctions, besides, food movement is not sustainable at this time. Local food is the best for you, and the people where your food comes from.

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