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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Everybody Knows.

     The covers are off, we live in a corrupt, polluted, money run world in a social mess. We all know it, at least a lot of young people know it has to change or they may facing extinction. Nice gift to pass on to the last couple of generations, while we squirrel the nuts and collect the last pension checks. All pension will soon dry up as the world monitory system crumbles. And that can happen at any time. At the very least develop a long term sustainable local food and water supply. That would give people time to make adjustments and survive. 
      Corruption, pollution, and money all have to go in the compost, the sooner the better. 
     A Message from Our Minister Of Gardenculture who is expanding BC's Agriculture Land Reserve. And just a reminder, MARCH 21st. IS WORLD DO NOTHING DAY, this includes all military, If General Nuts orders you to march, sit down, March 21st is World At Peace Day, and Drag out the Holiday, three years would be nice, enough time to create a productive garden.  

    Stinging Nettle, Last year in a pot, looks happy now.

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