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Monday, March 2, 2015

Canada's Immigration Fiasco.

     The Canadian Departments of Government are rotten. Why are immigrants lives and families kept apart for years of non action by a completely inhuman government dept? These increasing delays must be the directives of the higher ups. Canadian civil servants know what is expected of them, and they take as long as they can, under orders. Lots of workers getting nothing done and too busy on their computers to meet anyone face to face. Or it's a strategy, face to face might bring out empathy.  Can not have any of that, empathy might blow the lid off how much suffering, messing up people's lives is being caused by Canada's Immigration Deadwood.  The rot has multiplied since the Illegal PM Harper Government has been in the High Chair. Give him and the  department of delay all a shovel, and sent them home. For rotten results, a shovel and maybe a hoe is all they get for a pension. That is not as bad as it sounds, a lot can be done with a shovel. The Garden Party knows the young and the immigrants are the real pension. Welcome to Canada, welcome to a nut in the big house, and start gardens everywhere while you wait.  When and if you get approved to live, you can cash in with your plants or eat them.. The Garden Party, Self Government Without Borders, has already fired all border guards in Canada, but they just keep going to work out of habit, and for regular checks. Chickens, if locked up in a coup for half their lives are afraid to go our the door when it is left open, but the door is open and will stay open, they will all come out eventually.

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