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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Branch Garden.

     If you have branches, shrubs, rotting boards to dispose of The Garden Party Suggests laying them out in a row on your front lawn where you have dug out the sod. Pack your wood and branches down in the dug out bed and put weeds, leaves, grass, sawdust, what ever you have on the top. Then place sprouting potatoes with the sod you dug out on the top of that. And you can dig up more lawn as you need to for hilling the potatoes. Works great, do your whole lawn if you want to, we expect large layoffs of white collar jobs in 2015, and food banks are unable to keep up with the demand now.
     This process of rotting branches can be done on any surface, as we are eliminating 20% of car use in 2015, and repeating the same for 2016 we can just grow over all the empty parking spaces. Three years will rot most of the branches, and the soil will be excellent. Soil can be screened and the unrotted wood can be re composted.  The beauty of this method is while you are improving and making soil, you are also growing crops and harvesting food. We all win, one potato at at time. 

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