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Monday, March 30, 2015

Canada's Secret Police.

     A secret service by a dictatorship has  full oversight of the ruler or by others under the ruler. The secret service is the enforcement arm used to suppress opposition domestically, but also is active at times beyond their own borders.
     Secret service under a Democratic Government, as is proposed by Harper's Fraud Government of Canada will also have the ability to suppress opposition at home, and be involved globally, but without oversight of the people chosen to govern over them. The power that hires and supports the service, the public, will not know what the secret service is doing without oversight of even members of parliament, and therefore the general public has no controls over SS actions. 
     Secret Police calling their actions secret for reasons of National Security, are a power unto themselves. If the general public knows nothing but what they are told, and whistle blowers are silenced, objectors behind bars, or eliminated, who rules the police? Canada is very close to a Police State, 
     Have no Fear, The Garden Party is Here. We are handing out badges like Grapes and two more went out today. The only use for Secret Police by Garden Party is to search, arrest and remove all slugs from the Garden. Nightly raids are recommended.
     Canada Feeds Canada Grapes In Seven Years. Without the help of the SS or Monsanto., we expect to have 282,345 grapes this year but could use some Blueberry Plants.
    Garden Party now getting rooted in Sooke BC.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Forth Move To End War.

     Grow a Garden. You might ask "what has food to got to do with war"? Better to ask "what has no food got to do with war"?
      When we import food we are buying from large corporations. Their purpose is making money, a common human disease. Business takes over prime growing land with phony inflated dollars, pays the lowest wages possible, in the process removing the local ability to feed itself on both ends. Corporation control of the land means local people end up poorer, disenfranchised, unemployed and, will at some point fight back. That is expected and understood. Exporting foods is a direct cause of poverty, poor people join militarises, not to kill or die, but to eat and live. And by now we know that any form of military, including prison guards and police, do and will continue to turn, otherwise normal people, into monsters. Less is better, when it comes to Military.
     There are a few people in Germany that are making a lot of blood money from the manufacturing and export of weapons, third biggest exporter in the world. Strange, one would tend to think the German People would be sick of sick wars, so much that they would be opposed to pumping weapons into the world market. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Money money , money. Quality weapons made by skilled workers does not exempt Germany from Sanctions now being imposed by the International Garden Party. The German Garden Party, if there is one there yet, along with all other Garden Party Diggers, are refusing to buy anything from Germany, France, China, and Canada, until they stop exporting death for money. 
     Can't go wrong growing a Garden. Dig up your front lawn and get started. The imports and exports will soon be drying up with all our sanctions, besides, food movement is not sustainable at this time. Local food is the best for you, and the people where your food comes from.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Taking Care of Priorities First.

     The Priority for The Garden Party Without Borders is of course the condition of the World Garden. It is pretty hard to Garden in a war, but we still have to eat.  While we are growing food, we continue to remove causes of war.
     NATO, was created for the so called Cold War, putting Russia under threat, thus the lucrative arms race. NATO should be Cancelled. Weapons for export should be banned by people of countries making them. No more money in death. United Nations, could be every bodies Military, until war is done with by an evolved humanity.
      With the Garden Party, all is possible. Nobody needs a degree in insanity, to work on a priority. Doing, talking, suggesting, screaming bloody murder, getting inspired and inspiring, 
     In the mean time, garden, very relaxing exercise, and ways and means of ideas to bring about a peaceful conclusion with common sense directing our path instead of money, are waiting to be discovered when one is well grounded.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Game Changer, To End War.

     Unless there is a conscious change to those who profit from war, those who maintain or take power by force, or those who use military to impose their beliefs on others, the rest of us will suffer as will our life support system, the natural environment. That conclusion, for the majority could be extinction at worst, miserable existence at best.
     We cannot sit back and hope all greed for money and power which always corrupts will stop. It will take a conscious effort by enough people to remove the support structures for the worlds warring insanity. Enough committed people have to do what it takes, to force if necessary, the social changes that will end war, so that we can put our full efforts into repairing damage done.
     To delay now, all opportunity for change may be lost forever. Everybody with a sensible mind, of all ages, must exercise our strongest instinct, survival of the human race. Every effort, from many individual people, is required now. 2015 is our window of opportunity. Our efforts need to be global. The use of the Internet is a tool, but still can be cut off or destroyed. Use it, but be able to function without it, that is important.
     To a Gardener a shovel or a digging fork is important, but a Gardener can still function without them. There are obstacles to peace for certain, the ones already mentioned, and there are also obstacles to gardening. Like not having land to garden, or land accessible is to dry, wet, rocky, poor soil, or bombs are exploding around you. You may have to innovate or even move. But, if you want to garden, or you want peace, both can be accomplished with effort. You may not be able to get all the food you like but you will eat, you may never see a world at complete peace, but we can keep moving in a direction to correction. This Blog, Occupation Apple Tree, The Garden Party, are being done as a attempt to move things in a direction to correction at a local and Global level. We are surprised at our success in some actions, but much more needs doing and undoing, if we hope to see our goals achieved. To reach those goals require greater response both here and abroad. What we can honestly say is, We Are Working On It. Can You Honestly Say You Are The Game Changer? The New World Order? Be!
     The World Garden Party now has put full sanctions on Russia, the second biggest world exporter of weapons for mass destruction. The list of countries to Buy Nothing From is multiplying almost faster than our onions. We now include Russia with Germany, France, China and Canada on The Garden Party Buy Nothing From List, because of their bucks for weapons policies. Get your garden going, more sanctions are coming, People Power Is The Game Changer. Make your best peaceful action, now! New World Order.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Next Move To End War.

     France is another country that pumps a lot of weapons into the competitive world market. Maybe if you would stop buying wines from France until they stop selling arms we could shake them up. Do they really think by filling up the world with killing weapons will make it safer? Tell everybody that you are saving the world from getting armed to the teeth by not buying French Wine, it is a place to start.  We in the Garden Party have stopped buying all imports from France, China and Canada.  Everybody doing their little bit, every day, will make the big difference.  
     BC CAN GET DRUNK ON BC GRAPES IN SEVEN YEARS.  A political promise from the Garden Party Minister of Agriculture. Since we have been blocked from elections we set up our own Government. The Garden Party Without Borders is developing the New World Order, order yours today, and for the first Three Hundred Orders we will give away a free Grape Vine. Welcome to the new form of Government, elections are obsolete, and we won't miss them or the French wine. This action has been approved by our Minister Responsible For More Bankrupt Military Industries, and should create a large demand for local grapes. Send the workers out of the bomb factories to the vineyard for retraining. 

Second Move To End War.

     China is rapidly becoming the biggest supplier of arms. What can Canadians do?  Stop Buying All Products From China. That advise is for all peace loving individuals, no matter which of the 244 dictatorships they live under.
     Making Money filling the world with cheap weapons of death, can only add to the insanity we have now. Gardeners everywhere, the time for action is here, dig in, plant Garlic, create your local supply, give it to everyone free, that will end the imports of poor quality garlic from China and Save the world from becoming armed to the teeth.
     The Peaceful Garden Party, Self Government of Canada official declares all Garlic of China, stay in China. That alone should create 100,000 part time jobs in Canada. These jobs are agreeable to our Minister For More Unemployment. If you have not planted your garlic yet, get it planted as soon as the ground thaws. Canada Feeds Canada Garlic In Seven Years.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

First Move To End War.

     Stop Making Weapons if you are serious about ending war. Peaceful People don't make killing machines. Canada is selling more arms for war than ever before. Canadians are so peaceful that they take the pay checks and hardly a peep of complaint. Canada's Military Industry is growing almost as fast as our garlic. Second only to Food Banks. 
     Yes, Canada has taken the turn to become a armed to the teeth waring nation, with the bully next door. Money runs both countries, and, it is past time that all people run their government. 
      The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, is not interested in working for War Industries, or feeding it's employees, or supplying energy and resource materials. We are now officially on strike against everybody that supplies anything to anybody connected to the arms dealers. That's most of Canada, can't help cash mongers, and call ourselves peaceful. 
     This has been a message from The Peaceful Garden Party, while enjoying March 21st World Do Nothing Day. Next Do Nothing Day April 21st.


Friday, March 20, 2015

World Buy Nothing Day, March 21st.

     The Garden Party will take full advantage of this monthly holiday, our campaign to destroy profit toxic junk producing corporations is taking effect. We are also reducing our buying of everything 20%. That automatically means we have reduced easily, our use of fossil fuels more than 20% and intend to repeat another 20% for 2016.  We are planning ahead, and could be completely independent of fossil fuel use in seven years. Gardens are increasing on the West Coast of Canada, and this year we are moving North and East to stimulate the Earth Worms. 
    Happy World Buy Nothing Sell Nothing Day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Canada's Closed Borders.

     Why has Harper shut the door on Syrian Refugees? Wrong color? Wrong Race? Wrong Religion? Wrong Language? Why the shut down on the biggest humanitarian need ever? Cost too much? We can afford to send jets and bombs to Syria . We can accept taxes collected from employees of corporate arms for export industries, who make political donations but likely pay no taxes to the public purse. We in the Garden Party do not consider Harper Fit to lead anything. Will all those people who set him up as Prime Minister please take responsibility for their mistake and remove him from office.
     Don't miss WORLD DO NOTHING DAY, March 21st, a day that changes the world.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Iron Ore Mines Slow Down.

     Steel Prices are dropping and so will the jobs.  Demand for steel has dropped already with The Garden Party's call for buying 20% less of everything in 2015. Our Minister For More Unemployment is happy and expects the thousands of shovels needed for the new Gardeners to cause a one time demand for quality shovels. 
    With Canada about to shut down it's military industry making weapons to blow up weapons feeding into both sides of any conflict for profit in dollars and non sense the numbers of refugees will also decrease. The military industries and greed for profits are directly responsible for much of the world suffering. Polite Canadians are by no means innocent bystanders, even pension funds are invested if both US and the fast growing domestic arms sales for the mass destruction industries. China has been picking up speed in sales of cheap arms, and 20% of Israeli jobs are now in its growing for export, tested for effectiveness offensive killing machines. 
     The Garden Party International is  calling for a WORLD GENERAL STRIKE and 100% Sanctions on ALL NATIONS WITH MILITARY INDUSTRIES. The Garden Party Self Government of Canada, is now on strike against everybody that is not on strike. We may not be able to wash the blood of the past from our hands, but we will not be pouring more on then now, or in the future. ON STRIKE! 

Everybody Knows.

     The covers are off, we live in a corrupt, polluted, money run world in a social mess. We all know it, at least a lot of young people know it has to change or they may facing extinction. Nice gift to pass on to the last couple of generations, while we squirrel the nuts and collect the last pension checks. All pension will soon dry up as the world monitory system crumbles. And that can happen at any time. At the very least develop a long term sustainable local food and water supply. That would give people time to make adjustments and survive. 
      Corruption, pollution, and money all have to go in the compost, the sooner the better. 
     A Message from Our Minister Of Gardenculture who is expanding BC's Agriculture Land Reserve. And just a reminder, MARCH 21st. IS WORLD DO NOTHING DAY, this includes all military, If General Nuts orders you to march, sit down, March 21st is World At Peace Day, and Drag out the Holiday, three years would be nice, enough time to create a productive garden.  

    Stinging Nettle, Last year in a pot, looks happy now.

Coal Industries Crashing.

     Pull your funds out of the coal mines, they are all near their end. China is decreasing coal burning by a few percentage points this year, but we expect a 20% reduction by 2016. 
     Thanks to our Hard Rock Minister For More Unemployment, we expect a complete collapse of the coal industry in BC, Canada. Not likely to still be in operation by the end of 2016. Not only are we in the process of a Global Slow Down in consumption of all fossil fuels, we are reducing our purchases of garbage produced products made to fill up dumps. The world coal market is expected to drop on average 20% per year for the next five years.
     The Garden Party is on a Ten Day Buy Nothing Fast, which will end March 21st, World Buy Nothing Day. Of course one day a month is not enough, and our minister suggests a minimum right now should be two days a week, or just reduces everything 20%, that includes doing nothing. Good time for Gardening.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Living On The Edge, Depression.

     To all those people who live on the edge, who cannot participate in the mainstream without a feeling of self erosion morally. Where are all those who cling to the edge feeling alone with their better world philosophy, who see the present day changes built on past errors? Where are all those mostly depressed, almost hermit monks? Perhaps if we put our resources, experience, and heads together we could bring about realized philosophy. Get everybody inspired to transcend mass insanity with common sense and Start a Garden. It will transcend oppression, corruption, depression, and the good food will help you live longer to enjoy the changes you are a part of making. 
     BC FEEDS BC IN SEVEN YEARS. Morel Mushrooms are expected  after this all day rain in Victiora, BC. When the Sun comes back, look in warm spots where the yellow flowers of Oregon Grape and dandelions are blooming. Meet you in the Garden. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

General Strike, Canada.

     The Garden Party is on a country wide strike to end Harper's Dictatorship Government. While we are shaking the nuts out of the trees we will also end Canada's increased wheeling and dealing of weapons of mass destruction for monitory gain. Made in Canada arms are for sale and can be purchased by anyone willing to pay. Black Market and middlemen, with no tracking of weapons sales, since Canada is one of the 'good guys' that didn't sign the UN Weapons Sales Agreement. 
     Harper, if given the power to do so, will lock up anyone opposed to his methods to keep Canadians 'safe'. Already some folks are watching their words in fear that telling the truth could lead to unknown possible punishment.  That is why The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, with its 278,666 Gardeners disguised as Spies carting shovels have gone underground. We are digging a tunnel from Somewhere on Vancouver Island to Cornerbrook NFL. Now you know why we have so many boulders we have hidden under our garden.
      The Garden Party without borders is calling for less of everything and to celebrate our success in the collapse of Target Big Box Junk Stores in Canada with spill over into failing US Target Stores we are offering a deal with unbeatable savings. Buy Nothing for Ten Days, or at least until after March 21st World Buy Nothing, Do Something Else Day. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Branch Garden.

     If you have branches, shrubs, rotting boards to dispose of The Garden Party Suggests laying them out in a row on your front lawn where you have dug out the sod. Pack your wood and branches down in the dug out bed and put weeds, leaves, grass, sawdust, what ever you have on the top. Then place sprouting potatoes with the sod you dug out on the top of that. And you can dig up more lawn as you need to for hilling the potatoes. Works great, do your whole lawn if you want to, we expect large layoffs of white collar jobs in 2015, and food banks are unable to keep up with the demand now.
     This process of rotting branches can be done on any surface, as we are eliminating 20% of car use in 2015, and repeating the same for 2016 we can just grow over all the empty parking spaces. Three years will rot most of the branches, and the soil will be excellent. Soil can be screened and the unrotted wood can be re composted.  The beauty of this method is while you are improving and making soil, you are also growing crops and harvesting food. We all win, one potato at at time. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Russia about to unravel.

     As you may be aware, The Garden Party sent pea seeds to Russia before Harper's Embargo. Which of course was quickly undermined by our Gardeners Without Borders who dissolved the Canadian Russian Imaginary Divide, and are now in direct telepathic communication with Russian Gardeners. There is no doubt that Central Control is losing its grip in Russia as well as Canada, as it is around the world. We turned some more dirt today. But corruption does not just exist in Central Governments, the IMF and Corporate  Banks.  There is proportionate corruption at Municipal Governments and Non Profit Food Banks. It is almost like human nature, give people an inch, and they want a mile. The Garden Party is no different, they turned a shovel of dirt and now they want to dig up the whole country and expose all the dirt. For Gardening of course.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to get rid of Government.

     This is what The Garden Party is doing. The Garden Party of BC, Canada, The World, is ignoring all other 'Official' Governments, and going about its business of growing gardens and now raising sheep. We are just taking a direction towards correction, and leaving out present forms of Government. Basically, we are self governing, self supporting, and are taking control of our lives. We know, and follow the laws of the land not because we agree to fees, permits, tickets, but not complying at the moment can mean fines and it is hard to garden in a jail cell. The day is coming all these activities will be put in the compost. Which is why the Garden Party is not going to issue regulations which are nothing more than revenue grabs to maintain the self serving revenue grabbers. 
     According to new laws being rammed through parliament in Canada the whole Garden Party could be incarcerated before our peas are ready to eat for undermining the Federal Government. Which of course we are doing behind the open gates of our increasing gardens. We would rather be in jail, than pretend we live in a free and Democratic Country. Peas are breaking out of the ground and we remain optimistic. Start a garden, it is still legal, although the BC Government made one attempt in the past to force residents to get a permit. Gardeners have good long term memories for what is worth recalling.