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Monday, February 2, 2015

Why Are Canadian Kids Sick?

     Money and Corporations, toxic building materials and air tight houses, toxic beds and furniture, toxic cloths and toys, gasoline and diesel fumes, growth hormones and antibiotics in meats and farmed fish, herbicides and pesticides in the air, water and food, proscribed drugs, and GMOs. Simple, eliminate the causes, not just medicate symptoms.
    Throw out Ikea pressboard beds, desks, and furniture out of houses and schools. Stop eating antibiotic farmed fish and meat. Ban Monsanto out of your Country. Grow your own Garden and eat only organic. Stop the use of round up around the world, at your kids school lawn. Drive less, walk more. Avoid cosmetics. Allow the flow of fresh air in Schools and Homes. Stop the use of Herbicides by forestry, on pipe lines, along railways, highways, golf courses, power lines, and on monoculture farms. No big deal, let's do this in 2015. Better to be poor and healthy than rich and sick. By the way, your rugs, sofas, banks and money, are likely toxic as well as fast junk food. Start by removing Toxic Furniture, drop off at city hall until they ban pressboard from your town. Pull kids out of school until administrators smarten up, and start a garden at school as well as home. Kids health is important, do it now.

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