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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Urban Infrastructure Unsustainable.

     Look at Any City, People living in a toxic environment. Food, water, shelter, clothing and energy, all have to be shipped in, most from far away places.  Those who go to work require transportation, almost everything people do requires transportation. Urban planning, is a out and out Failure. More and more transportation, only increases the 'dead zone', where like a vacuum it draws in everything, and gives nothing  back. The water taken in is returned polluted, same as the air, and all the resources converted to garbage. With all the commodity production shipped overseas, our cities now produce little of value, most  work is maintenance, and counting numbers, or entertaining the troops. 
     Large Cities in Canada are about to start shrinking, we know the developers, real estate boards, and experts on moving and shaking won't agree, but it is no longer up to them. In case you have not noticed, all the boarded up store fronts. There is a new rural renewal on its way, with a smaller community structures naturally developing. Money is getting a smaller roll as things progress, this is the death of money, in the end it will be worthless, and the new beginning is without money. That's what is happening in Canada.
       This had been a message from The Minister of Finance for The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada. And one other thing, we will send shovels to Ukraine, if they get weapons of mass destruction from Harper and Obama, there will be a lot of graves to dig. 

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