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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Time for Involvement.

     Yes, everybody, brokers, bankers and funny money makers. Even if you are far removed from our social mess, and you can afford to live in a relatively clean environment while exploiting elsewhere, things are starting to bite back. With mighty politicians moving mountains for a buck, in Canada the public is being forced to subsidize LNG. The Corporations, get their Capital Investment paid for out of the public purse, and profits and ownership belong to them.  After all they have been making nice contributions to coin operated politicians in all major political parties. We live in a corrupt world, Top to bottom, bigger amounts at the so called Top, proportionate at the so called Bottom. At least when the bottom is corrupt, the trickle down theory works better, the less you have, the greater the need to share. The selfish may hang on, but loneliness and misery will be their company, and pain killers will shorten the length of suffering. 
      If one suffers the world suffers, we need relief almost everywhere, top to bottom, and we need to get to the root causes of almost all the world problems; Money and Religion. Fiscal and Spiritual Greed. Neither required for life, in truth. 

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