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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Students Bailout BC Gov.

     No doubt the Elected Gov. of BC who promised to make everybody rich selling off resources is trying hard to find funds. They have turned The Motor Vehicle Branch into a collection agency. That means all those struggling for survival graduate students that can't keep up their payments on student loans will lose their Drivers Licence. That is great news for The Garden Party's Reduce Fossil Fuel Use 20% In 2015. It should increase the non drivers to at least 30% this year. That will help keep the price for oil down.
      The main reason for the Elected BC Government for using drivers licences to collect debts is because the Garden Party Cancelled All Student Debt, and people have just quit paying. If the Liberal Party holds to this shake down policy, which works in our favour, they will lose much more in gasoline taxes. Perfect.
     Members of the Self Government of BC, do not recognize fraud elected governments unless they are working for us, and, in this case we encourage the Liberal Social Credit Conservative Coalition Mob to keep up the good work. We also would like to congratulate all students who stopped paying off their loans, keep up the good and keep on Gardening,  Garlic keeps growing regardless of what mob sits in the legislature.

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