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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pulls Canada From NATO

    Stay out of Ukraine and Get out of NATO. That is The Garden Party of Canada stand. This conflict has been caused by the United States Government, NATO members, IMF and the Corporations that can hardly wait to rush in and exploit another country. Monsanto, that Putin kicked out of Russia, is already throwing money at Ukraine's politicians just like they have in Canada and the US. NATO has already broken armament deals with Russia not to move in more bases and arms surrounding Russia,  and, were a direct influence in Ukraine Politics since at least 2006, with a plan move the Ukraine away from Russian influence, and get the Ukraine to join NATO, furthering the threat to Russia.
     This conflict is all about money. The IMF is on the verge of extinction, the USA is bankrupt and their dollar on the world market is collapsing, now the euro is disintegrating, unemployment is rampant, the people are starting to understand the deception and corruption of the entire world monetary systems, and are getting more agitated at home. A war will fix everything. Has it already been decided to keep pushing Putin and get a war started. That is what appears to be happening.
      Push Putin into a war, one thing is certain, there will be a price to pay. All countries should get out of Ukraine and let the people who live there work out their own problems, and grow a garden. Are we ready for millions more refugees? Supplying US, instruments of death, as Kerry calls military equipment from Russia, to Ukraine, to level the field against the Russian Ukrainian instruments of death, will only prolong the conflict, escalate the deaths, and increase the destruction. Perhaps this is the plan of sick minds, who benefit from wars. An attack on Russia, will stop all talk about urban renewal and hockey scores. Better start a garden and get out of NATO. Canada Ends Military, In Seven Years, That is the stand of the Garden Party, Self Government of Canada. If we say it, we mean it. Did a little weeding today.

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