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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Plastics Production Going Down

    8 million metric tons in the ocean every year. Production is around 275 million metric tons. Time has come to avoid Plastics like the plague. It is possible that plastics may be worse than the plagues of the past that only wiped out 30 to 50% of the population. We evolved without plastics and we can continue to evolve without them now. Stop Buying Plastics, production is toxic, disposal is toxic, if you burn, bury, or throw them in the ocean they remain toxic. Best solution, STOP BUYING PLASTICS.
     2015 is World Cut Back 20% of Everything Year. The Garden Party is easily surpassing the 20% cut back to make up for those not yet complying to our Self Government Law.  Penalty for failing to comply could get you a sentence of extinction, without parole. All appeals will be unheard. 
     Easy way to reduced 20% of food buying and plastics is GROW A GARDEN, we have seeds and plants ready to go, limited amounts, no money required. Need more good advice, talk to a shovel and go underground.
     The Sheep are multiplying. 

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