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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Patience, understanding, compassion.

     Are they learned, taken in by osmosis, or in our DNA? Why is it so lacking in every Public Facility that is there to service the public? Even smiles are rare,  not that we pay civil servants to smile, no, we pay  them to give us forms to fill out, and machines to talk to, dead ones and lives ones. That is what happens in all government departments. When it comes to service of the Public, they Lack Patience to listen to problems that people present. If they listen they can get a understanding of the individual public.
      With understanding, compassion would be possible, and likely, and action might be taken immediately to rectify the problem. That would make everybody smile. And that folks is what your government empire builders are not doing, at all levels. They don't volunteer information, to avoid delays, so The Garden Party, One More Time, Fires all elected Governments in Canada. It would be way more efficient to do ourselves, than hire grumpy civil servants to do anything, other than give you another piece of paper to fill out that will never be looked at again.
     The Garden Party declares Self Government Everywhere, and Feb 21st a permanent Holiday for all Civil Servants, sorry for the temporary inconvenience. If you have a complaint fill out form SOS 101, and mail it to.....who can we blame for all our problems..... ? Putin, send it to Putin, and Plant a garden, there are a lot of refugees to feed. Self Government in action, jobs everywhere, no pay but benefits beyond what money can buy.

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