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Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Tar Sands Development Stopped. .

     As a matter of Fact, all the investors in the Dirtiest Polluting Industries in Canada will held responsible without any compensation, for cleaning up the mess they made, removal of their whole infrastructure, and restore the land they have disturbed, and let nature get back to her business doing the final touches. The Garden Party has declared The End of the Tar Sands in Canada. Just to be clear, to save time and resources for investors, any further development will be your loss and your cost of removal. Times are changing faster than our peas can grow. And besides our People's Diplomatic Core are having telepathic communications with some people in Saudi Arabia. We feel the price of oil should move down to &35 a barrel, for as long as it takes, and at the same time the world consumption will continue to decrease, This is the New World Order. There are getting just too many people around the globe unwilling to tolerate ride over everybody and everything money grasping Corporations with their coin operated politicians. They also are involved with Fixing Elections. Our Minister For More Unemployment expects the job, restoration of Tar Sands Project, will be complete in seven years. It is on our priority list of What Not To Do. People will decide in the end, and money will have nothing to say.
     Little weeding and slug hunting today.

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