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Monday, February 16, 2015

New Manufacturing in Canada.

     Big Manufacturing, big plants in a few locations is not sustainable, practical, or efficient. Nor is the philosophy of management where dollars are the main driving force, and real service to the community means nothing. Like manufacturing junk because stupid will buy junk, or get subliminally commandeered to buy junk and money is spent and money is made, and garbage dumps get fuller of wasted resources.
      So, The Self Government of BC, the Garden Party, that was denied access to participate fully in the last election, is expanding its manufacturing through out BC. We always start at home, Garden Base, 5090 West Saanich Rd, Victoria. We develop our solutions, in action from what we have where we are, but are mobile enough to develop our solutions through out BC. Every project is like a bit of paint on a province wide painting, and we want a nice picture that everyone can participate in, a work of living art. Of course we don't want to be spiritual greedy, so our art will stroke beyond all imaginary borders, and the well being of all the world's inhabitants is part of our picture.
       Our local food processing is established in five locations and we have a mobile operation, basic canning and drying. Use of one abattoir with two in planning stages, two expanding nurseries  with a larger one getting started this Spring in middle BC, for  higher Altitude and Northern plants i
     All our projects start small, alter and change and expand or refine and develop. The models that work are then started anywhere needed, which can quickly get up to speed when people resources and locations can be attained. There is no unemployment in BC if you are working for the Government, that is The Self Government Garden Party, we can find a job for anyone that just wants to work and doesn't need to be paid. Good Food for all is a Goal, locally controlled and sustainable.  We are now raising sheep on one location, and hope to get another location started this year. We will expand into birds as well, that could happen this Spring also. Each location will have a priority for propagation, to set up more production until every one's needs can be provided.  In the plans of course, Bee Hives, and a small steel mill.
     One other important detail, we set our own standards without elected government interference. The Election process denied our participation, it stands to reason, they therefore have no say in what we do, and certainly fraud elections do not have authority over the birds that flew out of the coop towards Freedom. Utilize the one freedom you still have, a garden is a good place to start, or work in our nursery or our just starting up lumber mill. No paperwork to create useless jobs and wasted lives and resources. Hands on education, from birth to death classes, issuing all Degrees of Insanity. Will be recognized by all the best Universities in the world. 

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