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Friday, February 27, 2015

National Inquiry, why No?

     Guilt, avoiding facing the Truth. Not all, but close to it, pretty well all older people in Canada grew up taught that First Nations were, stupid, lazy, inferior, liars, alcoholics, who couldn't take care of their kids, and could be abused with impunity. The fact that most Canadians, the Immigrants  carried these views, and many still do. They must all feel the Guilt when reminded of their past thoughts and words and actions, or non actions of the past. Some yet have not admitted to themselves their part in Crimes that have been perpetuated against First Nations, and continue at least until today.
     Hopefully a National Inquiry About The Missing and Murdered First Nations Girls and Women would show the racism that still exists in Canada. Past down from one generation to the next, perhaps this generation will bring about the end of all racism. Let the terrible truth of Canada be told, face it, accept it, and with First Nations, fix it. For starters, add your voice for the inquiry.
     And Grow A Garden, every kid should have access to good clean healthy food.

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