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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Living Pay Check to Pay Check?

      That's not a life, check to cleck. The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment suggests a solution. Take your last check, get a tent, a shovel and seeds, find a piece of vacant ground, set up a tent or live in your car, and dig in. Eat from Food Banks till your Garden kicks in, and no more check to check. 
     Refuse to move or pay rent. Under the Canadian signed UN charter, every human has a right to life, and to live somewhere. Check to Check may be okay with the walking dead, but it is not life for the living. 
     Choose a spot that suits your situation, evolve from there. So called Public land is best for taking a stand and growing a garden. Expect complaints from the Check to Check Slaves, some will oppose anybody that gets some freedom. Also Check to Check Officialdumb will come and threaten you with pieces of paper, but the UN Charter declares your right to life, hold your ground until they offer something better.
     If you have already spent your last check, the Self Government of BC has extra Garden Tools and Seed to get you started. If you have any Obstacles, contact Dr. Wart, Minister of Obstacle Removing, reminding everybody "do not let money force you into being one of the walking dead". Contact Dr Wart, via the Garbage Guru Gazette. The Learned Doctor will be offering solid advice of how to get nothing for free, and what belongs to you for nothing. 
     Good Gardening, planted a few more potatoes today. Doing Sheep Tomorrow.

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