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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Little Things, Big Things.

     Sometimes, doing a little thing can give an experience that can solve big costly problems. An example, The Instant Compost Garden Pot. The process is simple, non smelling, easily made to keep out animals, and becomes a planted garden immediately. 
     The same process can be easily applied on any piece of open land for large amounts of biodegradable materials. Any piece of land can be gardened or farmed with this process, regardless of its location, soil condition, and moisture. This entire process, properly organized, can be done with hand tools and exercise. One ideal situation would be on land depleted or with poor soil for agriculture. This process can instantly start planting, with an high quality soil in three to four years. 
     Occupation Apple Tree (OAT), Root of The Garden Party, First Successful Self Government of BC, Minister of Rotten Things, offers a varied program that can solve not only any compost problems, but also dump problems. Provide the location and OAT, will create the crew, and develop the project, which will be self sustaining, no tax dollars, no scales, no dumping fees. Crew would live near to or on the sight, long enough to set up the operation, train area crew and turn the process over to local control. About Four years for the full cycle, after that the Graduation students will be in demand, to set up operations elsewhere, or carry on management of local operations. OAT requires no tuition fees, if money is needed in the short term, some form of generating cash can be built into the operation. There is no one way or one plan. That will be developed around the local need. The goal is attainable now, we know how to accomplish that goal, money is not a obstacle for The Garden Party, we rarely use it, any excuse is a lie, the future is here, waiting to do the big thing.
     BC COMPOSTS BC IN SEVEN YEARS, or less. A propaganda pass it on message from The Minister of Rottng Things, for all those not yet connected to the telepathic network.

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