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Monday, February 2, 2015

Height of Gladiator Games.

     Before the fall of the Roman Empire, the Gladiator Games were at their high point. Clearly Gladiator Games have reached new heights in the USA. Also clear are the cracks in the empty sidewalks of Detroit and the domestic refugee tents popping up like corn in every city and town. 
     Better start a Garden now if you live in America, flat footballs need a few Vegetables to make a good soup. Monsanto round up ready seeds are deadly to eat and just don't cut it for flavour when cooked with a beat up pig skin.
     With Russians regrouping, in high gear pumping out new military equipment in continuing threats from NATO's encroachment on Russian Borders, and a poplar stick waving Fraud Elected Canadian Prime Minister it is necessary for all Canadians to get tents and shovels just in case that poplar stick aggravates a Russian bear. 
     More potatoes planted today and a new news site is going up soon, the Garbage Guru Gazette, this will evolve, nothing yet. 

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