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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

guilty by association

     So special powers for the secret police, that we know about, are out and about arresting "potential terrorists", their friends and associates. This gets a little murky at this point, just what is included in "potential terrorist". Even in the USA, people like Norm Chomsky have called the United States Government the biggest, most powerful Terrorist in the world. And if you look at the actions taken by the US since WW2, and the consequences of those actions, it is difficult to disagree. 
     By association, and biggest trading partner, Canada is guilty by being a friend and supporter of USA. There needs to be action on the causes of Terrorism, or it will grow.  The growth of acts of terrorism that we see daily around the world, are really symptoms of the international power struggles to dominate the world. To challenge the power seats peacefully and be ignored, or brutally suppressed, is getting the results we have today in the world. Innocent peaceful people getting dispossessed and slaughtered, and, for the most part not getting much help from 'the good guys'. 
     So what can a person do about terrorism in Canada? Lots, shut down the arms manufacturers and dealers and any government that allows and encourages arms for sale. Such as the present Harper Government. 
     Does the statement, "shut down the government", under the new anti terrorism powers given police, mean that any Canadian making such a statement can be detained? Are we in Canada now going to be or are already holding our tongues for fear of possible arrest? If not, where is the line each reporter is drawing out of fear? How many people now avoid web sites or certain friends that may have connections to what might be groups considered terrorists by our present nuts, that are domineering the Canadian Parliament. Is calling Harper Nuts, which The Garden Party does, make us Gardeners possible terrorists. Then they should arrest every person in the country, because at  least 48% are nuts, and 99% are potential terrorists. Even a poplar stick waving politician could be a terrorist. Or a gardener breaking a shovel on the Parliament Steps in Ottawa, to which we admit.  
     We are holding our ground, we have shovels, we are definitely a threat to insanity, and growing faster than the National Debt. The take over of our lives, and government, is a work in progress, without fear, our gardens grow, and today we have real sheep. Part of our BC FEEDS BC IN SEVEN YEARS plan. We are making progress in all of our endeavours and keep no secrets about it, and encourage all by our actions, and words that can stand the light of day. 

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