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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Good Crashing News.

     Garbage producing fast junk food distributors have reached the end of their rise and are now sliding down to their predictable end with increasing speed.  
     We expect a lot of Chocolate Valentines will be on sale before Feb 14 due to The Garden Party call for a Extra World Buy Nothing For Valentines Day, Feb 14. That should leave a couple of hundred acres of trees still standing due to the drop on sales of cards and fancy boxes of crappy sugar chocolate candy.  This of course makes The Garden Party Minister For More Standing Forests elated.  
     Press Board Furniture is heading to the dump in Victoria BC. The Garbage Guru Campaign to Ban Press Board from Canada, is getting results.  million kilos a day filling up landfills, releasing tons of toxic gases and solvents into our groundwater. Most of press board made products are in the dump within ten years. The toxic fumes that come off the preservatives, glue and dozens of chemicals poison the air  people breath for at least ten years after they are made.
     Quality products require skills and knowledge of wood, and last for generations. It will take longer to make one item, but it will outlast ten press board items. and perhaps most important of all, Quality is 1000 times less toxic. Good woodwork is fine art, press board is crap.
    Feb 14, Start Of World Buy Nothing For A Week, and stop buying press board for a lifetime.

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