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Friday, February 27, 2015

"Time for action",Harper.

Then take the action, and the first action, Mr. Harper is the action of listening to what the First Nations want, a National Inquiry. If you are unable to listen, what good will any of your actions be? You think you know what First Nations need?For starters you could try Respect as Equals. Maybe you might get invited to spend a few days in the houses of Grand Mothers, and get a real education on Listening. After all the Injustice done It is time for all Canadians to listen, and respond, to the First Nation Grandmothers. From Experience, Garden Party, Self Government of Anywhere, Policy, and grow a garden and stay out of trouble. Moved a truck load of old compost to the Nursery today, screened and ready to use.
    Pass it on Mail to Harper and to his supporters from our Minister Busybody.

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