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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Canadian Dollar Shrinking.

     Oil goes down, Canadian dollar drops it's value. Perhaps we can keep it going down till it hits the ground, and bury it. We can celebrate The Death of Money now. It has been exposed as a tool more binding then a ball and chain, and it's sentence is from birth, born into debt, and still paying after death. Yep, it is a life sentence to serve and obey and in the hole you go. A hang over from the past that our ancestors have struggled to overcome, and every time they got rid of one form of domination and control, another would seep back into power by another form and here we are with latest tool that now will have to be overthrown, Money. The New Slave Master. 
     Beware of solutions and alternatives that we are told we 'must' embrace, we will soon find they will be another Ball Ana Chain. Money does not need a replacement, just eradication, like an invasive weed, pulled and composted.
     Of Course there will be adjustments, gravity will determine, the higher the apples, the further the fall. Those already close to the ground will fare the inevitable easiest. For practice join in on WORLD BUY NOTHING DAY FEB 21st. A International Holiday.

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